YES! Polluters should pay for taking out their trash.
YES! Even Bush appointee Hank Paulson thinks so.


ndnarchitect's picture
ndnarchitect 7 years 30 weeks ago

I believe externalities produced as a result of pollution should be privatized and paid for by those that contribute to and/or gain from the production of pollution.

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telliottmbamsc 7 years 30 weeks ago

Yea, well, blah, blah, o'blah balh....just do NOT enact a policy of transferable discharge permits that are traded on the open market!

If you emit greenhouse gases, you pay without ANY assistance available from the "free market" of transferable discharge permits, the hopes that you change your ways pronto are go out of business pronto!

Our atmosphere cannot tolerate any more brinksmanship like Obama's natural gas/fracking revolution.

America is THE largest PRODUCER of green house gas emitting energy product. But this product is CONSUMED (aka burned) by other countries throughout the World thereby putting the blame for the green house gas emissions that arise from CONSUMING that dirty energy onto another country.

Washington has latched on to this fact to confuse the issue and shift the blame for Climate Collapse on to those countries wgi are "using" the most dirty energy (but not "producing it") and therefore are responsible for emitting the greatest volume of green house gases. But don't kid yourself, the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions being dumped into the atmosphere comes from dirty energy produced by America. So, is China the real culprit?!

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