YES! Police need to protect & serve, not frighten & kill.
YES! Police need to be positive members in our communities.


UNC Tarheels's picture
UNC Tarheels 8 years 31 weeks ago

A NO option is needed. I have no problem with law emforcment or how the law is applied. Michael Brown is 6'5" weighs about 300 he used his large size to push a 4'5" Indian guy that weighed maybe 125 pounds. Mr. Brown had a guilty conscience. Yes the police officer didn't know but Michael didn't know that. All he had to do was comply with getting out of the road. He chose to fight instead until he was shot.

The police don't frighten me and I'm African American. Since I obey the law, I don't sell or use drugs, drive drunk, steal, kill or rob people I have nothing to fear from the all white police force in my town.

Vegasman56 8 years 31 weeks ago

Michael Brown truly was a big young man, an immature young man that was unarmed. What ever happen to less than deadly force procedures! I’m sure that this officer had a nightstick or even Mace, deadly force did not have to be used. Backup could have been there within a few minutes. We must take a hard look on the training procedures of our law enforcement. Things are definitely getting out of control. State and local governments should start policing the police force, by means of a two or a four-year college/university degree on law and law enforcement before entering a police academy. With a psychological profile evaluation that will prevent psychopaths from becoming law enforcement members.

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