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More Than Seven Million Americans Are Without Power...

The streets of lower Manhattan are underwater, and there are 16 reported deaths after Hurricane Sandy pummeled the Northeastern United States. Bloomberg is estimating that the storm damage could top $20 billion. Before making landfall – Sandy recorded the lowest barometric pressure of any Atlantic storm to hit the area in history.

Meet Mike White...

The latest CEO to threaten his employees if Mitt Romney loses. White is the owner of the industrial equipment firm Rite-Hite – and he recently sent an email to his 1,400 employees cautioning them that should Barack Obama win a second term, then he will have to drop the company’s contributions to employee retirement funds.

Despite Getting Zero Mentions in Any of The Presidential Debates...

The fight between Sensata workers and Bain Capital is heating up. Bain Capital is shutting down the Sensata factory in Freeport, Illinois on November 5th, just before the election, and sending 170 American jobs off to China. But the workers who will lose their jobs aren’t going down without a fight.

The Bush Administration Committed War Crimes When it Tortured Terrorist Suspects...

But, the only person going to jail for these crimes is the guy who blew the whistle on all of it. On Tuesday, former CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou plead guilty to revealing the identity of a CIA agent when he turned over classified secrets to the New York Times exposing the Bush administration’s torture program back in 2007.

In The Last Debate Before The Election...

President Obama and Mitt Romney tackled foreign policy issues down in Florida. Turns out, there’s little difference between the two men when it comes to what we should be doing in the Middle East. Romney’s strategy heading into the debate was to put all of those war mongering foreign policy advisors, who used to work for George W.

President Barack And Mitt Romney Square Off Tonight...

In a pivotal third and final debate in Florida. The focus of the debate will be on foreign policy. On the table are the recent attacks in Benghazi, nuclear capabilities of Iran, the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan, and the implications of the Arab Spring.

EU Pushing for Privatizing Natural Resources

The Nobel Prize winning European Union is trying to force indebted nations to privatize critical natural resources. The European Commission is insisting that privatization of municipal water supplies must be a condition to receive future bailouts.

There's Another Audio Tape Mitt Romney Doesn't Want You To Hear

In the last few weeks – several corporate CEOs have been exposed for compelling their employees to vote for Mitt Romney – and warning them that should Barack Obama win re-election, then they might lose their jobs.

In Last Night’s Presidential Debate...

Mitt Romney told 31 lies and half-truths during just 41 minutes of speaking time. That’s according to a report out this morning from the Center for American Progress. Romney managed to beat his previous mark of telling 27 lies and half-truths during the first debate – which he won. The only difference this time though…President Obama called out those lies.

President Obama And Mitt Romney Are Preparing to Square Off in Their Second Debate Tonight...

And the stakes are high. Polls now show a dead heat between the two men – and even swing state polls show a much tighter race. Mitt Romney has already made his debate strategy very clear – which is to lie every chance he gets – and run away from every far right position he’s taken over the last year in hopes of painting himself as a moderate.

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