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Crippling austerity is making things worse for Europe

Each month that goes by in Europe, the continent’s economy gets worse and worse, thanks to crippling austerity measures. The number of unemployed people in the 17-nation Eurozone hit a record high after the month of July – with new data showing 88,000 more people lost their jobs that month. That brings the total amount of unemployed to over 18 million people – the highest ever recorded. The unemployment rate in the Eurozone

Obama endorses overturning Citizens United

The movement to amend the Constitution and overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision just got its biggest endorsement yet – from President Barack Obama. During an online question and answer forum on – the President was asked to do something about the corrupting influence of money in politics post-Citizens United. He responded by calling for the DISCLOSE Act to be passed – and then went further sa

Austerity-ravaged Europe is a breeding ground for new, experimental economies

In Spain, where a recession is expected to get even worse after the government passed $80 billion worth of austerity measures, new economies are springing up all around the country that aren’t dependent on the crippled euro. The economies are based on barter and exchange.

For example, “time banks” are popping up around Spain – that allow workers to trade in their services in hours – and receive services in return.

How much does it cost to buy a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives?

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson thinks a half-million dollars should do it. Adelson – who’s already spent more money than any other oligarch this election so far – is promising to drop $500,000 in a New Jersey congressional district to elect Republican candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. And if Rabbi Boteach needs more money – Adelson is more than capable with a net worth of about $25 billion.

As the Center for American Progress

Republican Attorneys General want parts of the Voting Rights Act repealed

Republicans are desperately trying to rig the election in November by kicking millions of Democratic voters off the rolls with Voter Suppression ID Laws. And now, they’re not even hiding their racist intentions to block minority voters. Attorneys General in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas – all Republicans – have filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court calling for certain provisions of

Once again, another mass shooting is tragically the top story

This morning, a man opened fire around the Empire State Building in New York City. Early reports indicate that at least four people were shot, ten injured – and two dead - including the shooter. Witnesses describe a horrible, chaotic scene on the streets – and it’s believed the shooter was a disgruntled employee who had recently been fired.

Vulture capitalists are trying to take over life's most precious resource...

Water. According to a new report by Food & Water Watch, a growing number of pirate equity firms are moving into struggling cities and buying out their public infrastructure – namely – the city’s water infrastructure. Anyone who is familiar with Mitt Romney – is familiar with pirate equity firms like Bain Capital – which take over a company – strip it to the bones – and sell it off for a profit.

The Republican Party's radical 2012 platform

The Republicans National Convention is less than a week away, but the Party has been hard at work drafting its official 2012 platform – and no surprise here, it’s the most radically right-wing platform in modern history. Today, news broke that the Ron Paul campaign has struck a deal with Mitt Romney and the Republican Party, promising to not disrupt the convention next week and in return – many of Ron Paul’s delegates will be seated an

Middle class Americans give larger share of income to charity than do the rich

Not only can’t we rely on them to create jobs – but we can’t rely on them to give charity either. A new study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy examined tax deduction data from the IRS and discovered that middle class Americans give a larger share of their income to charity than do the rich. A household earning between $50,000 and $75,000 averaged contributing 7.6% of their income to charity. But as the income scale goes up –

Julian Assange & The US War on Whistleblowers

On Sunday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addressed his supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he’s been holed up for two months trying to avoid extradition to Sweden and perhaps the United States. He thanked Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa for granting him political asylum – and then pivoted toward the United States – urging President Obama to, “do the right thing.”

Assange said the United St

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