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Are we seeing the “shock doctrine” at work in the debt-limit debate?

Are we seeing the “shock doctrine” at work in the debt-limit debate?

The American people have spoken – and it’s time Republicans AND Democrats listen

The American people have spoken – and it’s time Republicans AND Democrats listen. According to a new ABC/Washington Post poll – 62% of Americans want to see a balanced approach to raising the debt-limit that includes both spending cuts and revenue raisers. And when it comes to what sort of revenue raisers the American people want to see – the Republicans’ heads are about to explode. A whopping 72% of Americans suppor

No One or Company Should Have that Much Media Power

It was a bizarre day in the UK yesterday. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his son James Murdoch appeared before the UK Parliament to answer questions about what they knew about the phone hacking scandal that’s sweeping Britain. Murdoch was asked if he was informed on the hacking scandal when it became known within NewsCorp – to which Murdoch responded, “No.”

The final step in Ronald Reagan’s "starve the beast" economics....

If you thought the Paul Ryan plan to privatize Medicare was bad – wait until you see what Republicans have up their sleeve today. Republicans in the House today will vote on THEIR plan to raise the debt-limit – which includes a balanced budget amendment that makes sure the government can’t close loopholes on rich people in the future – and can’t spend any money beyond a certain threshold – even if emergency spending is needed to

Is the Game Up at Fox So-Called News?

Another bad weekend for Rupert Murdoch. Yesterday – Rebekah Brooks - the former chief executive of News International – the parent company of Murdoch’s British media empire – was arrested on charges that she illegally intercepted phone calls and bribed UK police officers. Also taking a hit in the scandal yesterday – Britain’s top cop. Sir Paul Stephenson – the head of the Metropolitan Police Service - resigned citing

Does anyone else hear the fiddle playing as the nation burns?

Another day - another credit rating agency warning about our debt. On the heels of Moody’s threatening to downgrade our nation’s debt rating on Wednesday - the S&P rating agency fired a warning shot too - putting our nation’s triple AAA rating on negative watch.

Moody’s Investors Service turned its sights on the United States

One day after downgrading Ireland’s credit rating to junk status – Moody’s Investors Service turned its sights on the United States. In an announcement released yesterday – Moody’s said the United States is in danger of losing its “AAA” credit rating – and has put our nation under review for a credit downgrade. A credit downgrade for the United States could be the first step toward other nations dropping the dollar as thei

The Banksters are back to business as usual...

Homeowners are screwed again. Banksters are laying the groundwork for a second financial crisis. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that private investment firms are once again giving out subprime mortgages to interested homeowners who normally wouldn’t qualify for a home loan. It was these exact subprime mortgages that inflated the housing bubble and crashed the economy 3 years ago.

The race to the bottom in the labor force is killing the American middle-class...

A new report by Brookings shows how corporations are forcing Americans to work to the bone for meager wages. Today – the typical two-parent family has to work 26% longer than back in 1975. And since 1975 – wages have failed to keep up with the longer working hours. In other words – fat cat CEOs are getting a lot more “bang for the buck” out of their workers today.

The Disease of Inequality that’s Infecting America.

Our unequal society is killing off hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. A new study by the American Journal of Public Health takes a look at how certain social factors contribute to early deaths. Looking at just the year 2000 – the study found that 245,000 Americans died because they didn’t receive a quality education.

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