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Planet Earth is Turning on Us

Planet Earth is turning on us.

Single Payer comes to Vermont

Vermont is one step-closer to becoming the first state to set up a truly universal, single-payer health care system. The Vermont Senate passed the new healthcare bill yesterday – following in the footsteps of the state House that passed the bill last month. Now – it just needs to be signed into law by Governor Peter Shumlin who’s already expressed his support for the measure. There IS one last step though – Vermont w


Today – America has wealth inequality levels higher than at any other time since right before the Great Depression. In other words – the rich have a lot more money than everyone else. The problem is – most Americans have no idea just how unequal this nation is. Looking at a new study out of Duke and Harvard Universities – the vast majority of Americans incorrectly guessed that the top 20% of richest Americans own ro

Conservative are Turning our Schools into a Another Get-Rich Quick Scheme

Correction: Re: Conservatives' attack on public education 4/25...PFAW did not say, "The complete privatization of schooling might be desirable, but this objective is politically impossible for the time being..." They were quoting the Heartland Institute who said it.

Were you ever a communist?

Who’s screwed?

S&P is warning about a new financial meltdown - Will the US taxpayers pay a $5 trillion bailout this time?

You need to know this. It’s going to happen again and it’s going to be much worse. This is the warning issued by the S&P credit rating agency about the chances of our financial markets melting down again. In a report released on Monday, S&P analysts said, "we believe the risks from the U.S. financial sector are higher than we considered them to be before 2008."

Iraq is the big oil prospect...

In the run-up to the Iraq war – British Prime Minister Tony Blair called theories that the war was motivated by oil interests, “the most absurd.” But according to memos recently released by the UK newspaper the Independent – Blair’s denial is the only thing that’s absurd. The memos show that the British Trade Minister assured BP and other energy firms that they would be given generous shares of Iraq’s vast oil and gas reserves. One memo reads - "Iraq is the big oil prospect.

Republican rule in America - Closer to Napoleon than the ideals of Jefferson

Democracy is on the march OUT of Michigan. Republican Governor Rick Snyder is using his new powers recently granted to him by the Republican state Legislature to take over a city – fire its elected representatives – and bust up unions and cut crucial government services. It’s part of Snyder’s plan to reduce his state’s budget deficit by putting cities that are struggling financially on a fast track to a Libertarian ut

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