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Is it time for a new Church Committee?

It’s time for a new Church Committee.

Net Neutrality Died With the Comcast/Netflix Deal

The fix is in, and unless we do something quick - the internet as we know it will disappear for good.

Is Social Security Safe For Now?

It looks like Progressives may be able to claim a victory.

The FCC Won't Stand Up for Internet Freedom.

The Federal Communications Commission won't stand up for internet freedom. On Wednesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that he will not appeal the recent court ruling that struck down net neutrality.

Now They Want to Track Our Daily Travel.

The Department of Homeland Security wants to keep a record of where you drive your car. According to the Washington Post, that agency wants a nationwide database of license-plate readers, and they've already asked private traffic-camera companies for access to their data.

Playing Politics with People's Lives

Another rural Georgia hospital is closing its doors as that state continues to block the Medicaid expansion. The Lower Oconee Community Hospital does not have enough volume to stay open, yet many of the nearby residents are being refused much need health insurance that would have provided that facility with more patients.

Lawmakers Intimidate VW Workers.

It's illegal for an employer to intimidate workers trying to form a union, but apparently it's just fine when a lawmaker does it. On Friday, workers at a Volkswagen Plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee voted against joining the United Auto Workers union. However, that vote may have turned out differently if workers weren't pressured by Republican Governor Bill Haslam and Senator Bob Corker.

House Democrats Call for Discharge Petitions!

Congressional Democrats are done waiting on Republicans. Yesterday, members of both the House and Senate said they're going to use a rarely-seen tactic to bring forward legislation. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer suggested using a discharge petition to advance immigration reform, and House Democrats announced that they will use that same procedure to bring a minimum wage increase up for a vote.

How Much More Proof Do We Need?

West Virginia is dealing with another coal-related toxic spill, and people are finding out the hard way about the real dangers of fossil fuels. Yesterday, news broke that the West Virginia's Department of Environmental Protection is investigating a coal slurry spill in Kanawha County.

Can Boehner Break the Cycle of Economic Hostage Taking?

Republicans want to hold our economy hostage again, but they may not get the chance to do so. With the February 27th debt limit deadline looming, House Speaker John Boehner will bring up a clean debt ceiling bill, and many of his members are not happy. Republicans tried to put forward a new list of demands for a debt-limit increase, but Speaker Boehner has given in to the President, and moved up the vote to tonight.

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