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One-party Republican rule in America

Yesterday – a District Court Judge in Wisconsin blocked implementation of Scott Walker’s union busting bill while arguments are heard that the bill violated the state’s Open Meeting laws. Since Republicans passed the bill with less than a one-hour notice – in the dead of night – they essentially broke a state law that requires at least a 24-hour notice. But with Wisconsin’s anti-labor bill tied up in the courts – Republicans in *Ohio* are one step closer to busting up unions in their state.

Are the Koch Bros and their Tea Party followers shutting down the Government now?

Negotiations in Congress to prevent a government shut down have reportedly fallen through. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid placed the blame on Tea Party Republicans who are refusing to compromise in budget negotiations saying, “The infighting between the tea party and the rest of the Republican Party…is keeping our negotiating partner from the negotiating table."

500,000 were in the streets of London to protest $130 billion cuts in spending and 500,000 public workers - did you hear it in the US news?

More than 500,000 people took to the streets of London over the weekend to protest the British Government’s proposed austerity program that will cut $130 billion in spending and lay off nearly 500,000 public workers. All walks of British life are expected to be affected by the cuts to childcare services, retirees, public safety programs and sets the nation’s single payer healthcare system on the road to privatization. London hasn’t seen a protest

Ohio Republicans have a problem with Democracy

It appears Ohio Republicans have a problem with democracy.

Have we officially returned to when the Robber Barons ruled?

We know that millions around the nation have been screwed over by predatory lenders and fine print credit card contracts – and now are swimming in debt. But can you believe that some of these people are actually being thrown in prison for going into debt? That’s right – American in the 21st century is bringing back debtors’ prisons. People who can’t pay off their credit cards can be thrown in jail in a third of the states in our nat

They’re all like Robin Hoods for the super rich – steal from the poor – give to millionaires and billionaires!!

Republican Governors need to get their priorities straight. In 3 states across the country – Maine, Ohio, and New Jersey – Republican Governors are throwing the middle-class under the bus and putting some of the wealthiest people in their states right behind the driver’s wheel. In Maine – Republican Governor Paul LePage is proposing a cut to the state’s estate tax – a tax that ONLY affects millionaires and billionaires. In fact – his ta

100 cruise missiles were dropped on Libya at $1 million each in one day - Can we fire cruise missiles and teachers and survive?

A US fighter jet crashed in Libya this morning. Military officials claim that the crash was caused by mechanical failure and not by anti-aircraft fire – and both pilots have been rescued with only minor injuries. Meanwhile – US led airstrikes continued in Libya for the third day in a row – but may be winding down as the New York Times reports that all the initial objectives of the campaign have been met – and command of the operation will soon be handed over to European allies.

Our nation is at war today, once again without the Constitutionally-mandated debate in Congress leading to a declaration of war

Our nation is at war today, once again without the Constitutionally-mandated debate in Congress leading to a declaration of war, because John Boehner instead chose to debate defunding NPR and Planned Parenthood, leaving the decision to President Obama. Over the weekend – more than 100 cruise missiles were launched by British and American forces into the nation of Libya – taking out crucial air defenses to pave the way for enforcement of a no-fly zone above the nation.

The fate of the nuclear plant – the nation of Japan – and the world

Japanese officials are hoping to have electricity reconnected to at least two of the crippled nuclear reactors at the Daiichi plant today. In the meantime – efforts are still underway to douse reactor 3 with water to prevent both a meltdown and radioactive waste containing plutonium from escaping into the atmosphere.

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