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On the Program - April 8th 2008

Hour One: Guest: Gareth Porter Topic: Today's article on Common Dreams "Petreaus Testimony to Defend False "Proxy War" Line"

Hour Two: Guest: Regina Herzlinger Topic: Thom is challenging Regina on McCain's Healthcare Plan

Hour Three: Guest: U.S. Congressman (D-PA) Rep. Joe Sestak Topic: Petraeus and Crocker testifing on Iraq war

April 04 2008 show notes

Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

April 03 2008 show notes

  • Guest: Climate skeptic Marc Morano, communications director for Senator James Inhofe. Global Warming.
  • Guest: Ravi Batra, professor of economics at Southern Methodist University, Dallas.
  • Iraq, sectarian cleansing, Senator John McCain, Zawahiri, Iran.
  • Torture memos.
  • Guest: Christy Harvey, Director of Strategic Communications at the Center for American Progress.

Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

On the Program Today plus Thom is filling in for Randi Rhodes April 7th 2008

Hour One: Topic: Should we boycott the Olympic Games as a show of solidarity for the people of Tibet and Darfur…is it wrong to support the Chinese by attending the Olympics? Or, is it wrong to punish the athletes who have spent their careers preparing for these games in order to make a political point?

Hour Two: Guest: Dr. Patrick Michaels Topic: Thom challenges Patrick on - What came out of the recent "2008 International Conference on Climate Change? (aka the skeptics' convention)
Guest: Paul Hannam Topic: Green collar jobs

Hour Three: Guest: Paul Waldman   Topic: New book "Free Ride: John McCain and the Media.
Guest: Tim Newman  Topic: Forced labor and child labor in the agricultural sector

Thom substitutes for Randi Rhodes...

Hour One: Guest: David Sirota Topic: The Clinton Firewall
Hour Two: Guest: Carrie Lukas   Topic: Thom and Carrie debate on what is causing the "middle Class Squeeze."
Hour Three:Guest: Larisa Alexandrovna  Topic: It's official, Alabama is the Soviet Union

April 02 2008 show notes

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"The 11th Hour" -- Available from BuzzFlash

by Thom Hartmann

"The 11th Hour" -- Available from BuzzFlash (A movie written, narrated, and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, also starting Stephen Hawking, Mikhail Gorbachev, Thom Hartmann, and others...)

Watch the trailer: The 11th Hour Trailer, click here )


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Apr 7 - Apr 11 2008 Radio Guest Highlights for the Week

Senator Bernie Sanders wants to hear from you...

The Middle Class Squeeze - Do you have a story to tell about how the economy is affecting you?

Please use the Web form at to submit your story to Bernie.

If you would like to give testimony about the impact of the economy on you on the Web form at He'll post many of the stories he hear from you on the Web page in the coming days, and will be reading them on the floor of the US Senate. Thank you!

On the Program - April 4 2008

Hour One - "Brunch w/Bernie" U.S. Senator (I-VT) Bernie Sanders

Hour Two - Anything Goes! Friday

Hour Three - Guest: Lamar Waldron co-author of Ultimate Sacrifice w/Thom, now writing "Legacy of Secrecy" about the murder of MLK, Topic: new information about the murder of MLK, Jr. 40 years ago today

On the Program - April 3 2008

Hour One - Guest: Marc Morano Topic: Thom is challenging Marc Morano on his statement - Global warming...why is the media ignoring record growth of Antartic ice?

Hour Two - Guest: Dr. Ravi Batra Topic: What's going on in the economy?

Hour Three - Topic - An 8th grader being strip search for having Ibuphofen? The terror watch list that ended up at credit agencies? Domestic surveillance? Are we becoming a police state?

Guest (11:30) Christy Harvey Topic: News under the radar

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