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Vouchers vs. Public Schools - Is Education a Right or a Privilege?

The New Jersey state Supreme Court told Governor Chris Christie he is in violation of the state’s constitution with his massive cuts to education. That state constitution requires the state to, “provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of free public schools for the instruction of all the children in the State...”

Will Paul Ryan shut down the 2012 election for Republicans?

Democrats scored a huge political victory last night – taking New York’s 26th district – adding another Democratic seat to the House of Representatives. The seat was previously held by Republican Chris Lee until he was busted taking topless photos of himself to solicit women on craigslist. Despite the fact that only three Democrats have ever held the seat since 1857 – and Republicans led by Karl Rove and the Chamber of Com

American can no longer label tuna products as “dolphin safe”

If you thought our government was in charge of making laws – think again. It turns out the World Trade Organization is telling us what to do. Yesterday – the WTO took a bite out of US sovereignty – ruling that American can no longer label tuna products as “dolphin safe.” Why? Because such labeling could restrict the purchase of certain foreign tuna products – thus limiting “free trade” in America.

Can expect more of these “limited” – and unapproved – wars in the future?

The 60-day deadline in the War Powers Act has come and gone – meaning President Obama is required to seek Congressional approval for ongoing military action in Libya. Although on Friday – the President wrote a letter to Congressional leaders saying he has no intention of doing that. Arguing that the US military’s role in Libya is “limited” to just supporting NATO – President Obama said approval from Congress is unnecessary

So here we are in the midst of perpetual war...

Today marks 60 days since America’s war in Libya began. That means that the war powers granted to the President in the War Powers Act are about to expire. The War Powers Act allows the president to commit the nation to war for only 60 days before he MUST seek approval from Congress for further military intervention. A group of Republican Senators have sent a letter to the president reminding him of today’s deadline –

The New Republican War on Art!

Who’s screwed?

Is perpetual war about to become law of the land?

Is perpetual war about to become law of the land? The House Armed Services Committee recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act – a bill that authorized funding to the Department of Defense. And deep within the bill – in Section 1034 – there’s a provision that affirms we are at war with Al-Qaeda and hands over war powers to the President until “the termination of hostilities.” In other words – it lets the

It seems like the only way banksters go to jail nowadays is if they try to rape a hotel maid

More evidence that banksters should go to jail. The Department of Housing and Urban Development just wrapped up an investigation into the nation’s five largest mortgage companies – Bank of America – JP Morgan Chase – Wells Fargo – Citigroup – and Ally Financial. What the agency found is that these banks routinely lied about the how much foreclosed homes were worth when they were getting reimbursed for those loans by the go

Don’t the millionaire oil executives realize they can’t escape climate change either?

Thanks to record-breaking rainfall last month – the Mississippi River is overflowing, pouring enormous floodwaters across – Louisiana – Mississippi – Missouri – and Tennessee. Several billions of dollars of damage has been reported. The Army Corps of Engineers is now relieving pressure on New Orleans levees by flooding thousands of acres in Louisiana, in a desperate bid to save the city from drowning in a disaster worse th

Do we now have three co-equal branches of government – each owned by big oil?

People who care about the environment are screwed. Republicans are handing our Gulf of Mexico over to oil corporations. A new bill entitled the “Putting the Gulf Back to Work Act” passed out of the House of Representatives on Wednesday ending the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf and giving his oil corporations free reign to explore for new wells as if the BP oil spill last year never happened. But a sneaky little p

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