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Daily Topics - Thursday - April 15th 2010

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Tea Party - Reality Bites....

Boston Tea PartyIn the home of the original Boston tea party, a different brand of pseudo-revolutionaries, the Tea Partiers are gathering today.

Daily Topic - Wednesday April14th 2010

Hour One - Mayor Matthew T. Ryan - Binghamton, NY How can we control the military and banking industries that own our politicians?

Hour Two - Dan Gainor When are American conservatives going to stop pushing us to give more money to Al Qaeda?

Send your children to China....

It's being reported that Klamath County School officials in Oregon are thinking about chopping the school week to four days to save the district $6.3 million annually.

Daily Topics - Tuesday - April 13th 2010

Thom's back!!

Daily Topics - Monday 12 April 2010

KPOJ's Carl and Christine in for Thom.
Hour One: Financial crisis / reform / Greenspan rewriting history Carl and Christine talk with Andy Kroll, DC based Investigative journalist at Mother Jones Magazine.
Hour Two: Steven's retirement, future of the supreme court, replacements? - Marjorie Cohn,

Salem Uganda Project

Dennis Mediyi and retired bishop Samuel Wabulakha joined Thom today to talk about the Salem Uganda project.

Daily Topics - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Monday April 7th-12th 2010 - Thom is traveling to Germany

Wednesday - Carl & Christine from KPOJ are filling in as Thom flies to Germany. Lamar Waldron will drop by to talk about how the division of the 60s is back.

Thursday - Thom is live from Germany with Matt Taibbi on the show - Looting Main Street.

On Friday - It's Anything Goes! Peter B. Collins is hosting & Senator Bernie Sanders is here.

On Monday Carl & Christine host once more as Thom flies home. Thom is back on Tuesday.

Daily Topics - Tuesday - April 6th 2010

Hour One - How do you prevent collateral murder in war? Beau Grosscup, author of "Strategic Terror: The Politics and Ethics of Aerial Bombardment" Plus...How much blood was shed so Don Blankenship could make his $16 million?

If there is a hell, this man is headed for it...

Twenty-five coal miners died and four others are missing in a big underground explosion at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch Mine, making it the worst U.S. mining disaster in more than two decades.

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