The governor of Wisconsin--you now, the guy with the Koch addiction--should be named "Organizer of the Year" by the AFL-CIO.

He has single-handedly done more to galvanize the American labor movement since the fight against the North American Free Trade Agreeement (NAFTA), the Clinton-era big biz cross-border investment scheme that has cost Americans almost 800,000 jobs directly and set in motion a corporate rampage of offshoring and outsourcing that has decimated our manufacturing base.

Back then, nobody listened to us. Back then, nobody cared if some blue collar Joe Sixpack making $40,000 a year with benefits got laid off from an auto parts plant. Nobody heard our repeated warnings about so-called 'free trade" with countries where governments oppress workers who don't even make enough money to rise above poverty. No matter what we did, safe, comfortable, middle America failed or refused to take notice.

But now, everybody's tuned in. Now millions of people are hurting. Now white collar workers are angry, frustrated, and scared with unemployment stubbornly high, wages flat or declining, options disappearing, and the rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else. People are so pissed off that even the straw men politicians prop up to divert attention just aren't hacking it. The public is laser-focused on what's happening here becasue they know that in one sense or the other it is happening to them. And that's why public opinion is on our side.

Walker is running scared. He sees the people protesting here and across the country. The maneuvers from the Koch Playbook aren't turning out as planned. He created a bleepstorm and every time he manages to get his puss on the news, he starts complaining about protesters "mostly from out of the state." Mostly, no. But there are indeed hundreds of supporters turning up in Madison every day.

* Illinois teachers cancelled a statewide conference and decided to come up to Madison for Saturday's massive rally

* Today 162 people from various unions in Los Angeles flew into Madison to show their support

* Thursday 300 teachers, also from LA, are coming in for a big rally and "sleepover" in the Capitol

We've seen union supporters from Washington State to Washington DC flocking to Madison, while solidarity rallies are springing up in cities all over the country. What started as a protest is turning into a resurgence of the American labor movement, and it's sending the message across America and around the world: "This is what unions can do for you!"

And it's not really about economics or politics or anything the mainstream media and the spinning heads are talking about. It's about empowerment. It's about standing up for the right to have a voice and some control over our lives. To the poor, working, and middle classes--who feel cheated by Wall Street and betrayed by government--it's the right message at the right time.

Scott Walker: Organizer of the Year.


Scott Walker: Union Organizer of the Year


Randy95023's picture
Randy95023 6 years 39 weeks ago

Scott Walker threw a rock at a hornet's nest, that's for sure. I thank God for Unions. When I was nine years old, in 1967, my father died. My mother was a "housewife" taking care of my little sister and I. Following bankruptcy due to medical bills my mother sold my dad's small janitorial business to one of the employees. Not much money was raised, to say the least. Somehow we did keep our home which was a fairly nice place on a good sized lot. We were poor as the proverbial "church mice". My mother was, and is an intelligent woman who had graduated high school and worked a decent job before marrying my father when she was only 19. Thank God for Unions! My mother passed the Civil Service examinations and landed a clerical job at the California Highway Patrol. The pay and benefits saved our lives. We were still rather impoverished but at least she earned enough to keep the house and pay the basic bills. We never went hungry or had our power or phone turned off. This Civil Service job only paid enough because it was unionized. Having basic benefit package and reasonable, lower middle class pay was a God send. My mother worked hard and steady for the State of California for fourty years. She now lives on a reasonable pension. I pity the next generation of "non-union" Civil Servants. They're going to get the shaft left and right if they aren't able to collectively bargain.

Peace, Randy

Steven.PBarrett 6 years 39 weeks ago

Working people are waking up, but will they stay awake after the Wisconsin and other gubernatorial/Koch Industries and Rightist pre-packaged crises begin to slow down, people go back to their routines, etc.? Never underestimate our terrible bad habit of complacency, nor the big money boyos on K-Street and Capitol Hill and statehouses across the country and even Hollywood to find more profitable ways to lure us back into political sleepwalking.

We now know who the real enemies of the working people -- those with contempt for us as fully breathing, thinking and heart-beating believing human beings, instead of mere employee numbers -- are, Koch Industries, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Foundation, Citizens United, Tea Party USA (that parasitic outfit that's ever so carefully/cynically using the very upset "working class conservatives" to work against their very best economic interests) ... the whole panapoly and empire of front organizations all wrapping themselves in Old Glory and hiding behind the Founding Fathers.

What are we going to to make sure more of our neighbors, fellow workers, church/synagogue/mosque/temple and civic org's/club members et al know what's going and why it's important to wake up to this very clever fascistic group of scandalously well-endowned Fifth Columnists are up to?

Be prudent, pick and choose your arguments, always argue your points in a friendly way, always seek to win and keep friends and keep the focus on who the enemies are to all of us who genuinely believe in a free economic and political system that's open to all of us.

Learn to become non-violent practioners of the spirited uprising of Daniel Shays. Had it not been for Shay's Rebellion where he and a few hardscrabble farmers in Hampshire County of western Massachusetts, and their willingness to tell the bankers, powerful legislators and land court judges of Massachusetts that they wouldn't tolerate being oppressed any longer, and put a stop to more scheduled arbitrary foreclosures when they blocked the doors of the Hampshire County Courthouse in Northampton, there wouldn't have been a Constitution.

The loose confederation of independent former colonies would've been easy pickings for the Brits they just rebelled against. Why? Because if the wrong people who valued their financial security above all else, including their faith in God and personal honor to their families and communities ... when push came to shove, they'd join their old Tory pals in a heartbeat. Hyperbole? Not if you remember that during the War of 1812, New England almost seceded over its desire to put its economic interests above all else.

Never trust the elite as a class unless it's talking about principles above and separated from finances and make sure those principles it's espousing have a Godly foundation; lest the elite continues to believe it has no "higher paygrade" to answer to on its Dies Irae.

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