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As a senior with limited funds, I stopped cable and learned to rely on alternate forms of information and entertainment. I opted, among other things, to subscribe to Hulu. It not only streams many MSM shows the day after broadcast, it has also streamed many alternate, and progressive shows such as The Big Picture, Redacted Tonight, and The Young Turks. All of that came to an end late March. I contacted Hulu and was told that it was official, but with no explanation.

Is it possible the Clinton Money Machine had something to do with this blackout of the Progressive Movement? We know MSM has shut out our message, and we know why. Clinton is in the pocket of MSM on so many levels. We do not know that the same is happening with Hulu, but it is worth questioning.

I urge everyone who is perturbed by this further blackout to email Hulu at support.hulu.com. Freedom of speech has never been more important than now. The rep I spoke with encouraged everyone to send an email questioning this action and requesting it be reversed. If we aren't covered by MSM, and are also blocked by alternate media, we have nowhere to turn.


Instant-RunOff-... 3 years 5 weeks ago

Corporate censorship of what free press remains it on the march. After the corporate, super-rich elites failure to rein in the public with this election cycle you can be sure they will be looking for dirty, underhanded methods to restrict the flow of information to the general public. What will Hillary, the shill of the Ruling Elites bring upon us?

I suspect they are trying to get Islamic Terrorism ramped up to a crescendo, so they can justify mass censorhip of the internet.

leontrollski's picture
leontrollski 3 years 5 weeks ago

Check Youtube for Young Turks. I don't know about RT but I have seen a lot of clips from RT there sp RT they have its own channel. As far as Hulu is concerned call their advertisers and tell them they lost a planned purchase of their product when you found out that they supported Hulu with their advertising dollars, and explain to them what it is about Hulu that you object to.

marriott79's picture
marriott79 3 years 5 weeks ago

This seems like a common practice lately. My dad, who lives on the west coast of Canada, used to watch The Big Picture on RT every night. That is until The US, NATO, and Canada got into a dispute with Russia over Ukraine, then suddenly every cable provider in Canada (the oligopoly three) dropped RT network without any warning. God forbid people get both sides of an issue!

The Young Turks have been quite outspoken in getting out the truth, so it's not surprising they've ruffled some feathers somewhere. Isn't Hulu a joint venture between Disney/ABC, Fox, and Universal/NBC? So there might be a clue in there as to why.

I believe TYT live streams on YouTube every night if that's still an option for you.

pandoraxsage's picture
pandoraxsage 3 years 3 weeks ago

Sent an inquiry.

mareleigh's picture
mareleigh 3 years 2 weeks ago

Thom, might I suggest you go staight to the big guy.. go to Roku, they have over 3,000 channels and options for affiliates..


https://www.roku.com/about/affiliate CJ Affiliate Network

mareleigh's picture
mareleigh 3 years 2 weeks ago

And by the way, I already have You Tube on Roku..

mareleigh's picture
mareleigh 3 years 2 weeks ago

Amazing.. I now have Young Turks on Roku.. TYT Network is a Multi-Channel Network of online video talk shows that generate over 68 million…

Dane's picture
Dane 3 years 2 weeks ago

I have never actually subscribed to Hulu, but wanted to check it out, and see what they had, but I dont think I will now, I watch TYT on UTube,Abby Martin from Breaking the set now has a show called Empire files on UTube, its not a daily show, i think its weekly but you can watch it anytime, but if ABC/Disny has a heand in it, I am sure they had something to do with it.

Legend 3 years 2 weeks ago

Who owns HULU search. The mainstream media is owned and operated by the 1%. You hear what they want you to hear. You do not hear what they do not want you to hear.

Hulu, LLC
NBCUniversal Television Group (32%)[2]
Fox Broadcasting Company(36%)
Disney–ABC Television Group(32%)

World Citizen's picture
World Citizen 3 years 2 weeks ago

For many years now it's been obvious and extremly troubling that the corporate media are controlling our politics, our government, and nearly everything else that matters -- even the curricula in our public schools at all levels.

Thanks to Thom & Co. for revealing this Hulu news. I have appreciated TYTs and RT-America, so will join other pro-democracy citizens to protest Hulu's decision and urge a reversal.

Clinton's campaign is spending at least $1 million on attacking Sanders via pro-Sanders social media sites. She is "bound and determined" to win the Democratic Party's nomination -- "no holds barred." Beware of such a person and keep fighting for Bernie Sanders. We must win California, Oregon, and others to take his campaign all the way to the convention in Boston!

World Citizen's picture
World Citizen 3 years 2 weeks ago

HUGE THANKS to you, "Legend," for this information. Knowledge truly is power. We need to disseminate this information.

MmmBob's picture
MmmBob 3 years 2 weeks ago

I just realized this today. I noticed Thom was not having new episodes on Hulu, but figured it was a break or something. What the hell is going on. I guess I will be cancelling my subscription to Hulu and joining TYT as a paid member. Has Thom or Cenk made any statements or anything concerning the situation?

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