RT America and Young Turks Blocked from Hulu

As a senior with limited funds, I stopped cable and learned to rely on alternate forms of information and entertainment. I opted, among other things, to subscribe to Hulu. It not only streams many MSM shows the day after broadcast, it has also streamed many alternate, and progressive shows such as The Big Picture, Redacted Tonight, and The Young Turks. All of that came to an end late March. I contacted Hulu and was told that it was official, but with no explanation.

Is it possible the Clinton Money Machine had something to do with this blackout of the Progressive Movement? We know MSM has shut out our message, and we know why. Clinton is in the pocket of MSM on so many levels. We do not know that the same is happening with Hulu, but it is worth questioning.

I urge everyone who is perturbed by this further blackout to email Hulu at support.hulu.com. Freedom of speech has never been more important than now. The rep I spoke with encouraged everyone to send an email questioning this action and requesting it be reversed. If we aren't covered by MSM, and are also blocked by alternate media, we have nowhere to turn.