The republicans say that 47% of people in US do not pay taxes. That is not true. Everybody pays sales taxes and I mean everybody. As soon as the economy goes south, The immigrants get the blame.I am a proud liberal and a democrat and I do not like my people getting beaten by republicans who keep repeating Fox news talking points. We should be much more aggressive just like the republicans because that's what the American public like and that is the way they believe us unfortunately. Being more aggressive and nailing your argument against the republicans is more beneficial for the democrats and it may make some republicans switch to our side if they see the truth. Unfortunately our president is not aggressive enough in what he does and what he says. He wants to please the republicans but he doesn't need to. He needs to show that the republicans have been wrong in all issues, are wrong in all issues and they mostly will be more wrong from economy to social issues. That is why the republicans in their media keep lieing to people and keep fabricating statements. Just like the two guests Thom had in his show. One of them talked about robo calls in the State of Wisconsin for example. There is no proof that the Democrats were using Robo calls to the voters, telling them the wrong voting day.The republicans always lie and they get away with it and unfortunately we democrats and liberals let them do that and we shouldn't any more. They become more popular because the way they lie. They say it in a more aggressive way. They way that the public think that they are telling the truth just like the two guests Thom had.So please Dems and liberals, be more aggressive in proving your point when you talk to the republicans because they will use all the tricks in the book to fabricate false statements. when they do that, aks them for froof or the source were thety got the information from. you will then see the sweat on their faces. Believe me I have gone through this for years arguing with the republicans. They only say what they hear on Fox news outlet. Mention the Bush TAX cuts to them. If there were no Bush Tax cuts, we didn't have to raise the debt ceiling and there wouldn't be that much problem with the conomy and the two wars that are going on. Who started it without puting the costs in the budget? GW Bush. You should mention to them that the Republicans raised the debt ceiling five times during the Bush Jr administration and they didn't make any fuss and in fact the democrats didn't either which they should've had. So the democrats always getting fooled by the republicans because the GOP s play dirty and the Dems do not. The republicans are an astounding actors just like Ronald Reagan and GW Bush. Amazing how people get away with the mess they made. Thanks to the media! Bill Clinton knew how to deal with them.


abrgh 6 years 11 weeks ago

I think this statement is coorect

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Robindell 6 years 11 weeks ago

Progressives are too undisciplined and disorganized to sufficiently advance their position and political control Within their ranks, there are too many prima donnas who only have their own agenda and are not thinking of others in a well-thought out, sincere way. Unfortunately, some are too poorly educated to go along with an imperfect system while working to make improvements, and many do not have the means to make financial contributions to organizations or candidates. The Tea Party is said to be ready to invade the congressional town hall meetings. What source of funding and organizing mechanism do progressives have to respond accordingly? Many are too busy complaining to do anything, which is what the Republicons want.

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