I have always heard that “you can’t fix stupid.” But I’m willing to bet the #1 cause of stupidity is ignorance.

I have always tried to stay informed. Because of this most “stupid” people resort to calling me a “Know-it-all.” A label I think is better than stupid.

It's a crazy election season. Stand up with American Muslims by sharing this informative, short, and timely video.




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zapdam. 1 year 37 weeks ago


You're correct posting 'you can't fix stupid' , because no electorate in the world is as stupid as the American voter. Americans are so consumed by pleasure seeking , whether its searching out prescription drugs, street drugs , fast food or a day running their credit cards to the limit at the mall, no one can hold a candle to the collective stupidity of Americans.

You can't teach anything to a people that wear stupidity as a badge of honor. Forget the 'baby boomer generation', 'generation X' ,'the millennials', todays Americans should be called 'generation stupid'.

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TomDorr 1 year 37 weeks ago

Zap: Please don't generalize. Americans in general are not stupid, but there is always that critical mass that throws elections. Also, as most Americans are prosperous, or consider themselves so, they are not activist enough to push change nor desparate enough to risk the status quo. Also, many are too busy working and raising families to become heavily involved in politics or change.

Fear of change is not a phobia. The status quo works for the majority of Americans, right or wrong.

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