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Human Rights Watch Statement on Zero Dark Thirty

Jan 20 2013 by Jadaliyya Reports

[The following statement was released by Human Rights Watch on 11 January 2013.]

“The movie Zero Dark Thirty, which depicts the hunt for Osama bin Laden, wrongly suggests that torture was an ugly but useful tactic in the fight against terrorism. It also falsely implies that information obtained through torture was critical to finding bin Laden. As the film-makers note, it is a fictionalized account, not a documentary. The use of torture violates US law and the country’s international legal obligations – even when “authorized” by the US government. Its use damaged the reputation of the United States and its ability to promote human rights while giving cover to abusers worldwide who use such techniques against political opponents and activists. Torture was counter-productive in the fight against terrorism, producing false and misleading information that may in fact have slowed the search for bin Laden and diverted attention from genuine security threats.”

Torture, Drones, and Detention: A Conversation Between Laleh Khalili and Lisa Hajjar

List of Children Killed by Drone Strikes in Yemen and Pakistan


hans nel 6 years 33 weeks ago

Thanks very much Alberto!

When the Bush administration more or less openly stated it was using torture it sent a giant signal to the rest of world that this was not only tolerated, but accepted, condoned, and approved. The brutal effects of these actions will be felt for years to come, and can be shown in the attitude of film director Bigelow as she facilitates the spead of the mythology that will in turn help facilitate the brutalization of many people in the years to come.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 6 years 33 weeks ago

Yes, hans nel, the U.S.A. hasn't an iota of moral authority. Although Obama claims to have stopped torture and enhanced interrogation I've read that the practice continues, perhaps by others but with U.S.'s tacit approval. Drone warfare continues as we know and is almost certainly illegal under international law. Just a glance at that list of childen killed by U.S. drones should be enough to sicken any decent, compassionate human being, apparently scarce types in Obama's administration.

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