I have a grand idea, starring Rodrigo Duterte as a somewhat modern Dr. Strangelove. But real life, not a film. We get all nations (possibly including a few individuals) who possess atomic weapons of any sort to agree to set them off (at Duterte's signal) - each and every one of the buggers - at precisely the very same instant. Can you imagine the humongous, lovely blast?

Orbiting satellites strategically placed in advance would record the spectacular, broadcast it live to whoever or to whatever creatures on whatever planet who or that might by chance be tuned in. The recorders, or recording satellites, would then fly on, seeking the outer limits, broadcasting away until they could no longer.

Isn't that a nice idea?

PS: Carrot top would have to be restrained or else he might try to shove Rodrigo aside in order to push the button himself. He's been itching to do something like this ever since he got that bone spur (or spurs as the case might be).


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