If Obama would take a break from electioneering and killing children he might have a little time to devote to climate change. Mexico is in the lead. Surprised? But first you might want to read three items from today's Democracy Now in order to know what keeps Obama busy.

· Obama Oversees "Kill List" of Targets in Secret Drone War

· U.S. Plan to Arm Italy’s Drone Fleet Faces Criticism

· Air Strikes Kill 8 Family Members, Alleged Al-Qaeda Leader in Afghanistan

Here's what Mexico has been up to:


Mexico Sets Legally Binding Carbon Reduction Targets

By Climate Guest Blogger on May 3, 2012 at 9:35 am

by Jeffrey Cavanagh

Since Mexico’s legislative body passed sweeping climate change legislation on April 19, Mexico joins the UK as the only two countries in the world with legally binding emissions goals to combat climate change.

The new law will reduce the country’s carbon emissions, end fossil fuel subsidies, and establish a voluntary carbon trading market. This law builds on Mexico’s previous commitments to action on climate change, and reflects on the country’s green leadership on the international stage it prepares to host the upcoming G20 leaders’ summit in June.

Dear friends across Mexico,

Mexico is championing a new global deal to end nearly $1 trillion dollars of taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil, Coal and Gas. It’s great, but if this money was instead switched to clean and green energy it would literally save our planet! Let’s call on Environment Minister Juan Elvira to build on Mexico's leadership by making greening polluter payments a global priority.

A new plan to save the planet is close, but it needs key leadership from Mexico to make it happen.

Right now, countries are putting the final touches on the agenda for the biggest environmental summit in 20 years. On the table is a proposal led by our government to eliminate nearly $1 trillion in polluter payments -- taxpayer money that governments give to Big Oil and Coal to destroy our planet. Our government has just passed a historic climate law and now, if we go a step further by pushing for an international commitment to divert this huge sum of dirty money into clean energy, experts say we could actually save our planet!

It's a simple no-brainer and our government is already halfway there. Let's hold Environment Minister Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada's feet to the fire, and push him to turn these polluting subsidies green. The talks end in 3 days and the government is deciding its position right now -- send an urgent message calling on Juan Elvira to make a new plan to save the planet possible:


We’re rapidly reaching a point of no return on climate change and a legally binding global treaty to


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