I was watching The Washington Journal today, and a caller from Texas on the Republican line was out of work and needs his unemployment benefits extended. He was talking about how hard he has it, and how he does look for work, but none is available. He must have said five times during the call "and I'm a republican!"

I don't know what his thinking was, or why the fact that he was a republican needing help seemed so special to him. I wanted to ask him, if, after his party ignored him, and blocked extended benifits for as long as possible, he might re-think his affilation after the Dems get it passed. I wasn't able to, but clearly, if I were in his shoes, I would be looking up voting records for the "Repubes" that he so loyally and proudly stated that he favored.

I am a very Spiritual person, and extremly conscience of the mounting problems, and difficult decisions ahead of us as a nation, a continent, and citizens and caretakers of the Earth. I don't know if the Republican Party has a Soul, or not. What I do know is that it has no HEART ! To face the future head on, we all need heart. We have peoples starving, and going thirsty. We have our own to take care of in a loving manner. If we don't change our policies soon, we will no longer be able to change the course of global warming, or thwart the demise of many of our great animals, and indeed, humanity. Our forrests, and our food are being altered, as I write! If the oil, the planet rape doesn't kill off enough species, then the genetically altered trees, and global warming will gladly take up the slack.

My heart cries for Peace on this tiny planet, for surley the way to combat these forces of destruction is to band together as Citizens of Earth in an effort to restore balance to nature, and protect our mutual home. Blessings to all, and may your fight for the rights of citizens, the common good, and justice continue to bless the planet with open-eyed voters, and a renewal of Heart to politics world wide. Alicia

Above All: Do No Harm!


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