Addressing Pollution

I tuned in to the program a bit late because I just got home from work. I am interested in the topic of air pollution and what we can do to help.

Has Thom discussed a major problem in suburbs and cities where the use of polluting backyard fire pits has grown exponentially and there are no regulations. The EPA has determined that wood smoke is dangerous to the health of everyone. People are burning both yard waste, which is very toxic but the refuse to look at the fact that ANY wood burning is dangerous to health of humans and animals. Dried firewood is still a dangerous source of pollution.


And a group of doctors and scientists:

Please address this! Wood smoke is a greenhouse gas that can easily be controlled with city, county or state wide bans. The problem: people can't be convinced that a real health threat should take priority over people wanting to build a fire in their back yard. Every house around is affected by the smoke. We have no choice but to shut the windows, thereby losing our right to enjoy a day or evening of fresh air whenever anyone lights a fire. Local city councils refuse to act because they don't want to become unpopular. They refuse to even educate the public. So much toxic smoke goes into the air, that it should be a crime. Please read the links I noted and educate others.