It might be caused by frustration, of course, but the point is - hysteria expresses itself through human behavior depending of what hormones are available. Uncontrollable crying fits happen in estrogen -rich bodies, while testosterone causes the same hysteria to express itself in uncontrollable aggression fits. And, of course, we have all seen infantile type hysteria expression in juvenile tantrums.

Now, as we all know (and what modern PC prohibits us to admit) that the only way to effectively deal with hysterical fits is - physical impact, which is something totally unacceptable outside this particular condition. I cannot imagine slapping or spanking a human being under any other circumstances , let alone hitting hard - that is, unless in self-defense . Though, there's one more case to use physical force - that is, in defense of someone else. Which is the case of hysteric fits - the person has to be defended against his/her own self.

Therefore, qualified mental healthcare professional will know better than trying to reason with a person during hysterical fit, it doesn't work this way. First and foremost the fit has to be STOPPED and only after that comes every other form of treatment. Like analysis, reasoning, medications and consolations/negotiations. ( "No, you cannot have this expensive toy, and if you don't get up from the floor, Mother never will go shopping with you again " , or " No, you cannot alter grown man's upbringing, get a divorce lawyer" or " No , folks , you cannot convert everyone to Islam and you cannot have your caliphate on your neighbor country land , get over it."

Recently, Thom Hartmann paralleled the condition of African American population in USA to a person suffering PTSD, saying that they are understandably not to be held responsible for their uncontrollable anger after suffering for 3 centuries. (Strangely, Thom somehow fails to cut the same PTSD slack to people practicing Judaism, who has been persecuted for millenniums, blaming them for defending themselves from aggression. Go figure... :)

Anyway, if we follow Thom's logic, ISIS must be venting frustration of being defeated at the end of 17th century in the neighborhood of Vienna by the army oh Jan III Sobieski and being stopped from conquering Europe , i.e. they are having typical hysterical fit of masculine/testosterone type. While our leaders are trying to appease them instead of STOPPING the fit in the first place.

I thought we should demand that our politicians are obligated to take gynecology course ASAP before exposing depth of their ignorance trying to interfere with women's health issues, but it looks like they'd better take mental health 101 course first, before it's too late to stop this world-threatening hysterical fit of Islamists.


mlk.silenceisnotanoption (not verified) 4 years 12 weeks ago

I disagree with the overwhelming content of your post, I'll not bother to address each point. What I will say is that I believe you are picking up on what I've been concerned and writen in opposition of- which is to identify and isolate one specific group of people as the "ultimate" sufferers of any current or historical wrong-doing. This is a dangerous propsition. Almost any one can find brother/sisterhood with any currently or historically repressed/opressed nationality, religion, gender, etc, so to advocate for the ultimate legitimacy of and justice for one group will invariably outrage every other group. This is not helpful in achieveing parity and peace, if parity and peace is the end-game. To favor one particular group, to the omission of some/all other groups, especially when it is demostrably clear that many groups have been persecuted, is to go the road of perpetual conflict and even war, not peace...................peace, mlk

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