...that this unfortunate condition impairs human judgement to the extent of acting irrationally, against their own interests if there's a slightest chance of causing damage to the demonized group. It happens over and over again and still history teaches humanity nothing, we still cannot resist assisting our sworn enemies who openly proclaim our destruction as their primary objective - just because we hope those cannibals will destroy our allies first. Just think about how such despicable policy is going to damage US reputation as a trustworthy ally among world community. Granted, they might claim support to our irrational actions in hopes to appease the monstrous aggressive regime. After all, they are not on the extremists' "hit list" just yet, its USA that is. And they will hope that the aggressor will be satisfied as soon as it reaches its objective of destroying "Big Satan" (just like our "negotiators" are apparently hoping the aggression will stop after the "Small Satan" has been sacrificed). But the truth is - aggressors NEVER stop unless STOPPED. We've been there not once in human history. There’s no even need to talk about Hitler .Just thank God and brave soldiers that we still speak English in our homeland. But the fact is - Hitler was simply among the recent ones in the long line of aggressors.

After all, if not for the great warrior King Jan III Sobieski of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, all those "great monarchs" of Europe would have been converted into Islam no matter how much they have been trying to appease the Islamic extremists. And the whole Western world would be speaking Turkish or Arabic now if not for one brave leader who dared to stand up for Christianity, marched his army to Vienna, stopped the invaders, kicked them out of Europe and back to their homeland and pacified those Islamic extremists for 330 years, until now.

So, what can possibly make the aggressors stop voluntarily this time and what makes our leaders to believe it will be different this time as opposed to the whole history of humanity?


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