******** OPEN SENT EMAIL *********

The First Epistle of Earthmann The Prophet unto Netanyahu and the Gazastinians

Sunday, August 31, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA USA [Copyright 2014]

Attention: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NETANYAHU, Sir:

1 Verily, thus revealeth the Lord God unto My Prophetic servant, Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann: Thou shalt write the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, again, and share with him My desires and Orders relating to the current War between the Israelites and the Gazastinian HamAssites in the land of Gazastine.

Chapter: History of Gazastine

2 For behold, this Strip of Gazastine has had a long history of warfare and bloodshed... with the penultimate beginning... being after Adamn and Even... even that with the Caananites around 4,000 B.C. and then the Phillistines around 1178 B.C., and then King David around 1000 B.C. [Another super-round number with lots of more zeros... how convenient, Internet!]

3 And it came to pass that there were the AssYrians around 730 B.C., and Alexander the Great and his Persian Empire in 332 B.C., and the Roman Empire in 63 B.C., and Herod the Great in 33 B.C.

4 And fighting did persist even unto the Christian Eastern Byzantine Empire that destroyed Gaza's 8 Pagan Temples from 396 to 420 A.D., to the Arab Muslims in 635 A.D., to the Christian Crusaders in 1100 A.D.

5 And it came to pass that this land was conquered in 1187 A.D. by the Kurdish Muslim, Saladin, [born in Tikrit, Iraq], to the Ottomans in the 1500s A.D., to the Allied WW1 powers of Great Britain, France and Russia in 1917.

6 And it came to pass that the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan created the Arab Palistinian [state/State].

7 And then it came to pass that the Arab -- Israeli War of 1948, resulted in Egyptian [United Arab Republic] control of Gazastine in 1959.

8 Where upon, in 1967, the 6-Day War resulted in the State of Israel throwing out the Eqyptians.

9 And it came to pass that in 2005 Israel voluntarily and unilaterally withdrew all of its soldiers and citizens [forcefully] from Gazastine thereby granting Gaza full political automony.

10 But then, in the supposedly free democratic election of 2007, the radical [terrorist] HamAss faction defeated the moderate Fatah [fatal] faction and Israel has blockaded Gaza ever since.

Chapter: Military embargo verses blockade

11 For behold, it is important at this juncture to remember the difference between a military embargo and a military blockade.

12 The United States implemented its oil embargo of Japan around the year 1940 because of Japan's invasion of Manchuria, China in 1931. Also, Japan had only a 2-year supply of oil left on its sea-surrounded island and was getting mentally desparate for locating another source of oil to import without warfare from the United States and its allies..

13 These were the two main reason Japan attacked U.S. Pearl Harbor on 12-7-1941. But, technically, an embargo is not an Act of War... even though, in this instance, it did, indeed, help trigger World War 2 in the Pacific Theater.

14 Remember, oh ye people of Planet Earth, that the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba was in force even before October 1962 naval blockade... which prevented the Soviet Union from shipping Russian missiles from Russia to Cuba.

15 For behold, this was an Act of War by the President of the United States wherein the bluff and bluster of President Kennedy's mere words...not bombs or bullets... ultimately prevented atomic and hydrogen bombs from eventually being dropped on Washington, D.C., Moscow, and dozens of other cities throught this Planet, etc.

16 And it came to pass that when Israel's navy officially blockaded Gazastine's sea shore from all foreign trade, shipping and most fishing by shrinking the legal fishing zone from 20 miles from shore to a mere three miles from shore... that this was an Act of War. And, predictably, HamAss in Gaza militarily responded with its own tit-for-tat

Act of War!

17 For behold, in 2008 and 2009, HamAss began a war with Israel by indescriminately firing non-accurate Iranian Qassam rockets into Israel.

18 And it came to pass that Israel responded to that chess move by launching its own missiles and ground assault which resulted in more than 2,142 dead Gazastinians and more than 17,200 buildings severly damaged or destroyed in Gazastine.

Chapter: 666 + 666 + 666 = ?

19 And now, in 2014, we see history repeating itself in this present Israeli -- HamAss War... with more than 666 plus 666 plus 666 Gazastinians killed... even totaling more 2,142 killed, with more than 17,200 buildings severly damaged or destroyed... along with more than 69 Israelis killed.

20 For behold, this War hath caused Me much anguish, for it hath brought much sorrow and bloodshed to My Promised Land of Israel whose Ancient leader was My Prophet David, and, also, to the land of the Ancient Anakite Phillistines, the race of giants, who had as their leader Goliath... even that same Demon who went forth and declaired: "Go... lieth"... even... "go forth and lie"... "go forth and tell lies".

21 But David answered with a loud voice: "Go forth and lieth not, but be truthful and do not lie".

22 And it came to pass that Goliath and his army did approach and threaten David and his army, and they did battle, one with another.

23 And it came to pass that the history of the Phillistines did repeat itself again in this same land once called by some Phoenicia, and, or, Palestine, and, by others, Gazastine... in these latter-days in the year 2014.

25 And it came to pass that Arthur Earthmann did write Benjamin Netanyahu the words that were revealed unto him, even the following words: Brother Netanyahu, thou shalt receive these inspired and holy scriptural words with a thankful heart.

Chapter: Bombing accuracy

26 Futhermore, thou shalt go forth and share a portion of these words with the leadership of the HamAss Gazastinians... that enduring Peace and Love may abide in your two lands again soon.

28 But remember, I the Lord am not pleased with the accuracy of thy servant's bombing during this current 2014 war, for behold, thy naval, air force, and army Generals have blasted too many sites that have been used by the peaceful United Nations and other humanitarian entities for hospitization, education and recuperative purposes.

29 Therefore, Brother Netanyahu, My son, remember that thou art herewith called as a latter-day David, even after the order of My Prophet David, the King of Israel, the righteous soul that killed Goliath with the single shot from his sling.

30 And so, as David was accurate with his sling shot... you, Benjamin, must be accurate with your bomb strikes!

Chapter: Protagonist vs antagonist

31 Furthermore, remember that in politics, theater, drama and story telling... that the Protagonist, [you, as David] can be perceived only as noble, powerful and great... as proportionately... to the degree that the antagonist, the present top leader of HamAss, [Khalid Mashal, as Goliath] is perceived as being evil, powerful and Satanic!

32 Therefore, you must publically build the case against the top leader of HamAss, Khalid Mashal, forthwith! This you have neglected to do, and this is mainly why World public opinion is so apathetic at rallying behind you, your just cause, and the World Jews in general.

33 In fact, probably less than two percent of the World public can even state the name of your choice of who is the top terrorist leader of HamAss, Khalid Mashal, let alone anything significant that he has done... terroristically.

34 For behold, Khalid Mashal, the suspected top leader of HamAss, needs to become a household terrorist name... as did the Great Satan of Al

Qaeda, Osama bin Laden... as did the demonic President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad ... as did the genocidal barbarian and top leader of I.S.I.S., Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi... as did the ruthless thug of Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamic terrorist group, Abubakar Shekan... as did that screaming German homicidal maniac, Adolf the bitter hitter Hitler!

35 For behold, you need to have numerous wanted posters of Mashal on billboards in Israel, Gazastine, and even Doha, Dubai! You need to have Mashal featured on "Israel's Most Wanted." If there's not such a Tell-A-Vision program there yet... you need to create one! [Our equivilant TV show here in the United States is now called "The Hunt with John Walsh". You should watch that program so that you can better vilify and catch your enemies! That show works! Scores of evil doers have been put behind bars for many years because of the leads generated by ordinary viewers calling in tips!]

36 With today's media, it could be construed that Mashal is wanted, primarily, for white-collar crimes... like "for appropriating for himself and his confidants the entire HamAss Syrian Fund of hundreds of millions of dollars"... and... "stealing the Gaza Fund of $2.5-billion... and then fleeing to Doha, Qatar where he lives a very opulent lifestyle." [from Internet]

37 For behold, Mashal must be quilty of alot more that just stealing billions of dollars and other white collar crimes in order for him to justly be reqarded as the #1 terrorist on your Wanted List, Mr. Netanyahu!

38 How many heads has he chopped off? Even if it's just one... you need to make it seem like The Crucifixion in the eyes of World public opinion... in order for you to quickly win the propaganda war and popularity contest against him. If Mashal is truely as evil as Osama bin Laden was, then, perhaps, you sir, should Order an equivilant operation to capture Mashal in Qatar... dead, or alive! Have you ever had a dream of an Entebbe type raid wherein an Israelis launch a precision missile that slams into Mashal's highrise appartment in Doha, Qatar just as he is reading his favorite funnies?!

Chapter: Press conferences

39 Furthermore, Brother Benjamin, when you are facing a press conference, like you did last week, you need to look more presidential.

40 Instead of trying to talk individually to the dozens of reporters in the room and having your eyes quickly flit back and forth from left to right... which suggests nervousness and/or dishonesty... you need to talk to the lense of the camera with the red light on... the live camera lense!

41 In other words... you need to talk to the millions of Earthpeople who are watching or will watch you on live Tell-A-Vision and the Internet.

42 You need to hold your head steady... the focus of your eyes should be directed towards that camera lense... and remember to blink as seldom as possible. Look serious... but occasionally smile... to show your humanity, compassion and pleasure of having the opportunity of mixing with the masses!

43 Thy Generals say that they are targeting terrorist HamAss Qassam rocket launching sites and stockpiles... yet, Israel has only offered token proof that these schools and hospitals were, in fact, the verified source of such rocket launchings and rocket stockpiles.

Chapter: Stockpiles and rocket launchers... proof

44 In fact, as far as HamAss rocket stockpiles are concerned, there has not been any proof at all.

45 The supposed best proof was recently provided by the reporter Jake Tapper of CNN on 8.6.2014.

46 Mr. Tapper aired video of a camera P.O.V. of a horizontal tent supposedly located in Gaza with two suspicious men moving around thereunder... "possibly setting up a Qassam rocket to be fired by HamAss from Gazastine at Israel".

47 But the video never showed any rocket, nor any rocket being fired! Stupid non-proof, indeed!

48 Yet, Mr. Tapper then said, "Now we have the evidence we've been looking for... that these rockets have been fired by HamAss into Israel!". Stupid non-logic, indeed!

49 For behold, Not one unfired HamAss rocket has yet to be "publically" found in the Gazastine rubble caused by more than 4,600 precision Israeli airstrikes, accompanied with hundreds of very imprecise blasts from tanks, heavy field artillary and naval bombardment.

50 For behold, Israel has waged this war mainly because HAMASS FIRED 3,321 QASSAM ROCKETS FROM SPECIFIC VERIFIED BUILDINGS.

51 But behold, photographic criminal investigative quality video proof that rocket x was launched from specific building address y is practically nonexistant!

52 So far, according to the United Nations, around 17,200 Gazastinian homes have been destroyed or severely damaged.

53 Furthermore, more than 100,000 Gazastinians have been displaced. What were these... renters?

54 Israel claims that around another 3,000 HamAss rockets have been destroyed in Gazastine before they had the chance to be fired. [Another round number with lots of 0s! How convenient!]

55 But, where are they? So far, not one such rocket has been "publically" found in the rubble of Gazastine.

56 I use the term "publically" because there have been absolutely ZERO verified reports in the public media of Tell-A-Vision, radio, Internet, newspapers, and newsworthy magazines... of even the discovery of ONE such unfired HamAss rocket found in any Gazastinian rubble... no, not one!

57 Should the public remain so gullible so as to believe that the Gazastinians have been 100% efficient at quickly removing the evidence of those incriminating unfired HamAss rockets from the rubble while looking for their >2,142 dead and <10,000 wounded... and counting?!

58 Israel estimated that before the war there were 10,000 HamAss rockets in Gazastine.

59 From where did they get this profoundly round and fuzzy number?

60 Because it rhymes with the number ten as in the TEN Commandments (a Jewish myth)... or ten fingers, or ten toes... or, do they simply like the base/10 decimal and metric system ?!

61 An estimate of the number of HamAss rockets that have been fired... 3,210... can be easily verified by video taped ignition flashes, Iron Dome intercepts, and those that landed on Israeli soil, cars, persons, or Tel Aviv Airport runways, etc.

62 Israel says that the number of HamAss rockets that have been destroyed is also around 3,000. [My, what a coincidence... the same round number pops up again!]

63 Using this faith-based pretzel logic means that HamAss has around another 4,000 rockets in storage that have not yet been fired. [Another nice round number!]

64 This means that the only way to find and obliterate those remaining rockets ... is by personally searching building to building with boots on the ground... until the Dove of Peace churps in the ear of their Leader, quess who, that they have all been found! How convenient!

Chapter: This 2014 HamAss War is only half over!

65 Logically, this means that this one-month war is probably only half over... since only half of the HamAss rockets have been fired or destroyed!

66 World... be reconciled for at least another month of war in Gazastine!

67 It will take at least that much time to do those thousands of door to door searches... and that's without any existential opposition from HamAss!

68 That's it, Israel! Demand an Unconditional Surrender of ALL UNFIRED HAMASS ROCKETS from HamAss. This future door to door search in Gazastine would best be carried out by the Fatah Palestinian Faction, rather than the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).

Chapter: Tunnel vision

69 Of the 32 HamAss tunnels that have been discovered by Israel and blown up, the longest one, with the deepest penetation into Israel, was four miles long.

70 Its first mile began in Eqypt in a structure that looked like an ordinary home/business.

71 It went down vertically forty feet where it turned horizontal and journeyed north one mile under and through the Egypt/Gazastine border near the city of Rafa.

72 From there, that tunnel continued north under Gazastinian soil for another three miles where it turned vertical and popped out inside a HamAss home, business or mosque! [I report... you decide!]

73 Therefore, to punish HamAss, proportionally, Israel should create a 4-mile U.N. Buffer/Security Zone around the three land borders of the State of Gazastine, beginning with the southern border with Egypt... because that is the border under which practically all of the 10,000 HamAss rockets from Iran were, and possibly will be, again, smuggled through. HamAss will simply, and predictably, bore more large tunnels after the dust settles!

74 Practically all of the other tunnels, those along the eastern and northern border of Gazastine, were designed for the primary purpose of having HamAss militants sneek into Israel to kidnap or kill Israeli soldiers or civilians... but not to import Al Qassam rockets from Iran.

75 To eliminate all of the potential Exit Points for the incoming tunnels from Egypt into southern Gazastine, ALL of the houses, buildings and mosques need to be either moved, or destroyed... so that there will NOT be ANY edifice for the horizontal-turned-vertical tunnel to exit.

76 This is especially true for the planned "no-man’s land" strip running along the entire West/East Egyptian/Gazastine border from the Mediterranean Sea to the closed Gaza Airport on the east end of that border.

77 If HamAss knows that there are NOT ANY more HamAss owned homes or businesses availiable for their vertical tunnels to pop up into... they will be much less apt to attempt to dig another horizontal/vertical tunnel in the first place!

78 I, the Lord, am well pleased that you have BLOWN UP all of those 32 known HamAss terrorist tunnels in Gazastine, and that you have destroyed around 1/3 of the estimated 10,000 HamAss rockets.

79 But your mission, BENJAMIN, if you choose to accept it, is to discover, confiscate and DESTROY ALL OF THE REMAINING unfired 3,000 HAMASS ROCKETS... forthwith.

80 Again, at this present rate since the strart of this war on July 8, 2014, it may just take another month, or more.

Chapter: Fatah Security Forces in Gazastine!

81 Verily, hear the Orders of the Lord God of Israel: Brother Netanyahu: you MUST LEAD the State of Israel to quickly destroy or confiscate ALL of the remaining HamAss rockets in Gazastine... as soon as humanly possible! You should start at the northern border of Gazastine and enable the newly installed FATAH SECURITY FORCES to work their door to door search, moving South one lattitude at a time! Keep the 4-7 mile yellow crime tape up so the World can see how much more area needs to be searched!

Chapter on Carrots!

82 Enough talk for now about the sticks in this unnecessary and immature HamAss war. Let's talk about the carrots!

83 Let's talk about these timeless eternal and true scriptural verses spoken by Jesus Christ from the Book of Matthew in The New Testament of The Holy Bible, King James Version:

84 "Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy."

85 "But I [Jesus Christ God] say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you, and persecute you."

86 "Agree with thine adversary quickly."

87 "Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."

88 "Ye have heard that [Moses and Abraham] have said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:"

89 "But I [Jesus Christ] say unto you, That ye resist [not] evil; [but/that] whosoever shall smite thee of thy right cheek, turn to him the other, also." [Matthew 5, New Testament, Holy Bible]

90 Mr. Prime Minister, consider the main difference between the aftermath Plan for World War 1, and the aftermath Plan for World War 2.

91 The Post-World War 1, "Hate Plan", was a disasterous failure!

92 The Post-World War 2, " Love Plan", was a miraculous success!

93 Why were there such widely different Post-War plans for the two aftermaths of two World Wars fought so close together?

94 After World War 1, remember the “hyperinflationary Reparations Plan” for Satanic Germany?

95 See how ineffective that “Hate Thine Enemies Plan” was!

96 In Germany in November 1923 a single whole loaf of good nutritious bread fetched around a whopping four billion German Reich-Marks!

97 Such economic strangulation caused the rise of the bitter hitter Hitler and his naughty Nazi NotSee BlindFaither fanatics... the horrible horrendeous horrors of the holocaust and its hallow cost... and World War 2 just twenty years later (1918 / 1938)... resulted in a World-wide death toll of more than 100-million soldiers and civilians


98 See what an effective Hate Plan this caused? More Hate! Indeed, with that Satanic mentality... the better The Hate Plan... The more the resulting Hate, misery, disease and death!

99 Now, let's compare that "Hate Plan" for the aftermath of World War 1... to the "Love Plan" for the aftermath of World War 2.

100 Remember the "Love Thy Neighbor"-- “Marshall Plan” for Satanic Germany and Japan after WW2?

101 There has been Peace with Germany and Japan for more than 70 years now, and counting, and both countries have sociologically, spiritually, politically and economically flourished!

102 And what is the death toll World-wide in the past 70 years of Post-World War 2?

103 How many Earthpeople have been killed in car accidents while drunk on German beer?

104 Now, that's what I the Lord call a success story!

105 But has Israel learned anything existentially pragmatic from this history?

106 Brother Netanyahu, why do these wars in Gazastine keep erupting at the rediculous rate of three wars in the past six years? That's a new war every other year!

107 Could it possibly be that a "Hate Plan" has been implemented by Israel after each war in Gazastine... instead of a "Love Plan"?

108 If Israel were to announce that a type of Marshall Plan / Love Plan will be implemented in Gazastine as soon as this 2014 war ends... then cooler heads would undoubtedly prevail and peace would come much faster!

109 Behold, thou shalt call it the “Prophet Abraham / Love Plan” after the Prophet Abraham who was the spiritual and social leader and common denominator of the three main tribes in that stormy region's history... mainly... the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians!

110 For behold, all three of these tribes love and respect the Prophet Abraham, saith the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus.

Chapter: Post HamAss War... Love Plan

111 Behold, here is The Lord's "Love Plan for Gazastine" in approximate order of priority.

112 Hear the Words of My Orders: Gazastine is to be immediately protected by a United Nations Buffer/Security Zone manned by troops of the 32 European nations which presently patrol the U.N. Buffer/Security Zone on the southern Lebanon/Israeli border area.

113 This singular and predictable logistic may be why 10 out of 26 U.N. Hospitals have been destroyed or closed by Israeli bombs dropped on Gazastine.

114 HamAss probably realizes that the use of the U.N. will ultimately be the final arbiter of Peace in this war's end game... like it was in the recent wars southern Lebanon, South Korea, and the shattered former states of Yugoslavia!

115 Which tribe has shown the level of demonic possession that would even cause them to devour their own as they stampede like jackels to conquer and destroy... the HamAssites... or, the Jews?

116 The answer, of course, is HamAss. The Jews respect, protect and defend their fellow Jews and Israelis... but, HamAss does not. A clear symptom of this lack of respect is why HamAss launches so many of its rockets from its hospitals, schools and social centers? In a sinister way, the more children and civilians Israel bombs, kills and injures in these ostensible humanitarian locations... the worse Israel will look. And also, why so many of the supposed leaders of HamAss steal so many millions and billions of dollars from its own people!

117 But, remember... there has been Peace in southern Lebanon for eight years... since 2006... because of the power and leadership of the United Nations!

118 HamAss probably also regards the United Nations as its Enemy ... because it will ultimately searve as a partner with Israel to force the Peace in Gazastine.

119 Thou shalt outlaw the terroristic political party HamAss and replace it with a pragmatic, peaceful wing of the FATAH Party of Palestine (West Bank) under the INDIRECT authority and leadership of Mahmoud ABBASS.

120 Furthermore, Thou shalt NOT leave Gazastine under the continued control of HamAss terror under ANY negotiated circumstances, thus saith The Lord God of Israel!

121 If you, Mr. Neyanyahu, compromise on this singular point, I prophesy in the sacred name of God, that Israel and HamAss will be at war again within another year or two or more!

122 Ex-President Jimmy Carter was wrong in his recent Op-Ed piece wherein he stated that HamAss should be recognized as a legitimate political actor.

123 HamAss should NOT be recognized as a legitimate political actor in Gazastine or even anywhere in the entire Middle East... not while HamAss continues to deny the State of Israel the right to exist.

124 For behold, HamAss has sworn to facilitate the State of Israel's utter destruction and death of all its Jews! Get real Jimmy! Mr. Carter, that was Hitler's plan... called the Holocaust. Don't you remember?

125 Or, is your memory so failing you, like Mr. Reagan's memory eventually failed him?! Never Again, HamAss!

126 Is I.S.I.S. (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) now wanting and begging to be called "The Islamic State") a legitimate political actor in Syria and Iraq? Of course not!

127 Would a virtuous World ever consider having Al-Qaeda replace HamAss in Gazastine? No, they would not!

128 Thou shalt arrange a Nuremberg quality War Crimes Trial for ALL captured and wanted HamAss terrorist leaders of Gazastine. And that includes those top leaders that are now comfortably hiding out in Doha, Dubai!

Chapter: Fliers, leaflets, masks and rewards.

129 When you drop your 8 1/2" x 11"... "Going To Bomb Here" fliers, be sure to use the blank other side to show photographs of your "Top Twelve Wanted HamAss Terrorists"... along with a one to twelve million dollar reward for each of those terrorists!

130 For behold, this will inspire the peaceful Gazastinians to be more alert when they try to spot HamAss leaders and rocket launchers at the food market. Some HamAss members may just take take off their terrorist mask when they go shopping!

131 Thou shalt pay the one to ten million dollar per head Reward to those HamAssites who cooperated with the Spy-On-Thy-Evil-Terrorist-Gazastinian-Neighbor- Program!

Chapter: new elections, no DieBold vote-counting machines, HamAss and all terrorist groups outlawed from Gazastine... forever!

132 Thou shalt provide free supervised legal political elections so that the current survivors of Gazastine can obtain new righteous non-HamAss leadership, ASAP. HamAss must be completely kicked out of Gazastine... unconditionally and immediately!

133 Thou shalt outlaw the use of DieBold [or any other] Easy-To-Flip-Election-Vote-Counting- Computer-Machines to insure that the election vote count tally will be honest and accurate.

134 Thou shalt have not-so-fine-print included in the election laws that clearly states that if a candidate secretly hid/hides the fact that he/she was/is a member of, or a simpathizer of, any terrorist group, that his/her election will be considered VOID... regardless of any impressive majority.

135 This is where Gazastine messed up in the previous election in 2006 that put HamAss in control. They just couldn't imagine that evil could triumph in a democratic election with real freedom of choice!

136 There was probably a fradulent vote count.

Or, were those Gazastinians that hypnotized, fearful, possessed, or stupid?

137 This mandate will disqualify ALL terrorist organizations including HamAss, I.S.I.S., or, Al-Qaeda et al from ever again to gain power or political office in Gazastine.

Chapter: Rebuilding Gazastinian infrastructure.

138 Thou shalt provide free health and hospital care for those who were injured during this Gaza Ghetto Uprising.

139 Furthermore, thou shalt rebuild all of the ten bombed and closed Gazastinian hospitals... of the 26 total there before the 2014 war broke out.

140 Thou shalt build an extra hospital on the East side of the Tel Aviv airport runways as a backup for the next Israeli / Gazastine war in 2016... in case those rebuilt hospitals in Gaza City are destroyed again because HamAss is again shooting Iranian Qassam rockets from them.

141 This way if HamAss uses the Tel Aviv airport runways as one of their targets, again, in the future... they will risk destroying their own backup hospital!

142 Thou shalt rebuild a sublime replica of the Islamic Muslim Al Qassam Mosque and Minaret Tower that was recently bombed in Gaza City to give the Gazastinians renewed hope and a robust spirit of cooperation with their lovely enemy, Israel.... as long as they change the name, for behold, that Mosque was, indeed, named after the barbaric Iranian Al Qassam rockets that HamAss has been firing upon Israel! [Hopefully, this will give a sublime hint to Iran that the future does not support enthusiastically erected structures called... "The Hydrogen Bomb Mosque", or, "The Atom Bomb Mosque"!

Chapter: Desalinization Plant

143 Thou shalt build the World’s largest Desalination Plant so that the Gazastinians will have an ample supply of pure drinking water for now and the decades to come.

144 Gazastine's current source of water, the water table, will soon to go dry any day now.

145 Perhaps it should be built under a heavy bunker on the West side of the Tel Aviv airport

runways, towards the Tel Aviv coast, so if HamAss ever tries to use that as a target again they will risk demolishing their main source of water!

146 The more the Gazastinians cooperate... the faster the flow of water south in those three-foot pipes!

Chapter: Electrical Power Plant

147 Thou shalt rebuild their bombed electrical power plant under a reinforced bunker.

148 Perhaps it should be located on the South side of the Tel Aviv airport runways, so that if HamAss ever tries use that as a target again they will risk demolishing their main source of electrical power!

149 Again, the more the Gazastinians cooperate... the faster the flow of volts!

Chapter: Wind Turbine Upper Atmosphere Complex

150 Thou shalt build the World’s largest Electrical Wind Turbine Complex to add to that electrical energy grid.

151 Thou shalt Google the latest Wind format: a giant vertical helium balloon donut tethered to the ground with a strong single line that ascends thousands of feet up into the stratosphere where the jet stream always blows much faster.

152 For behold, the wind turbine is located in the center of the vertical donut. See it on YouTube!

153 Thou shalt attach a powerful live 360 degree video surveillance camera to the bottom of each vertical donut wind turbine.

154 Thou shalt launch it high enough so that it is out of rifle range... yet within camera range.

155 Thou shalt anchor one Wind Turbine every kilometer or mile along all of the borders of Gazastine... South, East, North, and West.

156 In the Mediterranean Sea, thou shalt have them anchored to floating anchored pontoons inbetween protecting ships.

157 Thou shalt rebuild their bombed Tell-A-Vision and radio stations.

Chapter: Super Fast Fiber Optic Internet Speed.

158 Thou shalt erect a building/bunker providing the latest Fiber Optic High Speed Internet Cable Network with a Broadband speed as fast as America’s fastest city... even the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

159 This would have a download speed of one Gigibyte a second ... like they already have in Japan, South Korea, and several European countries!

160 Perhaps this should be located on the North side of the Tel Aviv airport runways, so that if HamAss ever tries use that as a target again they will risk demolishing their main source of superfast Internet Broadband!

161 Again, the more the Gazastinians cooperate... the faster their Broadband Internet speed!

162 For behold, Gazastine will then be able to download the great and poignant 2-hour movie "The Great Dictator". This was Charlie Chaplin's first talking movie and it was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Musical Score at the 1940 Academy Awards. It is about a Jewish barber, and a General-Dictator-Emperor Adenoid (Adolf) Hinkel (Hitler) from the made-up country of "Tomania" (Tomain poisoning!). Chaplain plays both leading parts and wrote the entire screenplay in two years. Or, the Gazastinians may rather watch the DVD "Escape From

Sobibor" which may be downloaded in 100 seconds ... or 100 minutes... depending on Gazastine's degree of cooperation!

Chapter: Worlds largest trailer park.

163 Thou shalt build the World’s largest trailer park so that the present unfortunate 100,000 (U.N. estimate) displaced Gazastinians who have recently had their appartments pulverized by Israeli missiles... will have a place to comfortively and peacefully dwell while their bombed infrastructures are rebuilt.

164 Thou shalt contemplate crowding ten to a trailer... that’s 10,000 trailers! Eventually, five to the same trailer would be alot more liveable... so that would be 20,000 trailers!

Chapter: War only half over?

165 But behold, this war is only half over... because only one half of the HamAss rockets have been fired or destroyed!

166 Therefore, there is still, at least, a month of fighting and negotiating to go!

167 Alas, double the figure to a minimum figure of 40,000 twenty foot trailers... and counting!

Chapter: World's largest Solar Panel Complex

168 Thou shalt build the World’s largest Solar Panel Complex in Gazastine... to provide clean electrical energy for decades to come.

169 Thou shalt install solar panels on the roofs of all of those 40,000 trailers.

170 Thou shalt arrange for each trailer solar roof- top panel complex to provide enough daily electricity for that entire trailer and its family of five to ten... to live comfortably... with air conditioning, a refrigerator, a heater, a cooking stove, a water heater, a laptop or desktop computer, a Tell-A-Vision and an electric blanket!

Chapter: Germany's successful million plus solar-roofs

171 For behold, after just ten years, Germany now acquires 25% of its total national energy from solar... from the roof-tops of their thousands of homes and businesses!

172 And it came to pass that Germany was smart enough to close all of their nuclear reactors and switch to clean energy!

Chapter: World's largest parking lot

173 Thou shalt establish the World’s largest parking lot supplied with 40,000 used school buses that are strong enough to pull one of those 40,000 twenty-foot trailers.

174 For behold, the same solar panel complex for the trailers will also be installed on the roof tops of all the 40,000 used school buses!

Chapter: Larger fishingaArea, port, pier

175 Thou shalt modernize the small stone age quality sand bar port at Gaza City... and expand their fishing rights from the current unlawful 3 mile limit, to the previously agreed upon 20 mile fishing limit.

176 Perhaps modern steel piers after the order of the temporary piers built by the Allied Forces at the beaches of Normandy during the invasion thereof in 1944... should be considered.

177 This way, if the Gazastinians misbehave, said piers can be easily dismantled and towed north by tugboat to the beach port of Tel Aviv.

Chapter: Diaspora

178 What if thousands of Gazastinians loose patience and decide that after the repetition of so many wars there... that they want to permanently leave the Gaza Ghetto for good?

179 Ben Gurion, the founding father of the latter-day State of Israel, offered in 1956, the serious plan to move all of the Palestinian inhabitants of the Gaza Strip to the Amazon jungles of Brazil!

180 Thou shalf provide the legal paperwork and free petrol for any family that wants to join one of the several caravans of school buses pulling one of those trailers... as they form a variety of exoduses out of Gazastine, even a latter-day Diaspora.

181 For it will come to pass that, like the Prophet Moses of Egypt, spiritual local leaders will lead a series of groups to travel out of Gazastine and embark on their own Road Map To Peace... to their own peace of mind and soul.

182 For behold, they will have the free agency to choose the road that will lead their family and caravan to either Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon...

183 ...Syria, Palestine (The West Bank), Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, Sudan, Yemen, Brazil...

184 ...Or any other country that they feel will bring them adequate joy and happiness for them and their relatives... and which acountry will accept them.

Chapter: The United 4 States of Abraham

185 And now for the biggest carrot of them all!

186 Thou shalt present the Gazastinians with the Biggest Picture Plan for the ultimate Roadmap to Peace for that entire Middle East Region:

187 Even the eventual creation of... THE UNITED 4 STATES OF ABRAHAM.

188 For behold, this Parent-State will be composed of: 1)The State of Israel, 2) The State of Gholanistine (The Gholan Heights), 3) The State of Palestine (The West Bank), and, 4) The State of Gazastine (The Gaza Strip).

189 For every successful society has and must provide an emotional and rational participitory foothold with equal interest for all of their tribes... especially the three tribes that evolved from the Prophet Abraham... even the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians!

190 For We The People believe that All Tribes are either created equally free and happy, or, at least, should have the potential to eventually become equally free and happy... even for all Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

191 Peace now... Peace tomorrow... Peace forever... through... THE UNITED 4 STATES OF ABRAHAM.

192 For behold, this is the Will of the Lord, even the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus.

193 And it came to pass that Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann did obey the Lord... and went forth and emailed these words unto the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, again, and to all of the other World leaders that the Lord revealed unto him.

194 For Behold, a Prophet of God has herewith spoken, yea, verily, even these Holy Scriptures have been revealed unto him, and written by him... not only in the Name of the Lord, but also, in the respectful Name of God.

195 For surely it shall come to pass that if the free people of Gazastine choose to recognize the State of Israel's right to exist, and choose to live in peace and love with the Jews, then they should and will be blessed with the "Love Plan" as stated above.

196 And then it will come to pass that Peace will endure between the Israelites and Fatah Gazastinians... not just for a year or two, but like post-World War 2 Germany and Japan... for decades and decades to come!

Chapter: Demons come hissing

197 And it came to pass that the demonic spirit of The Great Satan did hiss forth and whisper into the ear of the original creator and leader of the nascent terrorist organization Hamas...

198 ... And the words that were hissed forth was an inquiry of Satan by the Hamas group originator... even... "What name should I call this, my, future terrorist and bad ass organization?"

199 And it came to pass that Satan revealed... "It should be called a name that would really piss off the Israelites and Jews in general!"

200 And the leader asked again, "What would that name be, Great Satan?"

201 And the Evil Satan answered... "The Jews are more particular about what they eat, than even about what they wear or who they date... for behold, their food must be kosher.

202 The food that the Jewish Faith regards as the least kosher is pork, even ham... for it comes from the vile, dirty pig... who lives its life in utter poopy squalor.

203 Furthermore, the part of the pig physiologically that is the most vile and repugnant is none other than the poop shoot, the anus, the ass, and I'm not talking about a donkey here! "Therefore, Mr. BadAss, terrorist", Satan continued, "thou shalt call thy terrorist organization... 'HamAss'"!

204 And it came to pass that the BadAss terrorist leader replied, "I cannot name it such, for it is not sufficiently poetically subliminal. Therefore, I will drop the second "s" and call my new terrorist orgazation... 'Hamas'".

205 And it came to pass that Satan answered: "Even I am not a determinist, for even you have the free agency to name your evil organization anything you want, even... "Hamas"..."

206 ... But as for me, The Great Satan, and my brothers, Mr. Devil, and Mr. BellZeeBub, and my girl friend, Lucy Furr... the name of your new evil group will be know and written in the annals of Hell History as... HamAss!

207 And it came to pass that the Holy Ghost overheard this conversation and reported it to the resurrected Leader of Leaders, Jesus Christ God, Who reported it to His Eternal Father in Heaven, even The Lord God... God, Super God, even... Mister God,

208 And God said, "Let not My Promised Land, even the Land of My Israelites, be tormented, threatened and invaded by any terrorist army, including Hamas...

209 ... And to let the entire Planet

Earth know how evil and vile this new terrorist group is, let the word go forth that "Hamas" will be known in the annals of Heaven History as "HamAss", and those most evil leaders thereof will be fed a diet, primarily, of... ASS of Ham... until they grow up and repent!

210 And God continued to proclaim His Will, even by shouting with a loud voice unto the Four Corners of the Earth... "Repent, HamAss... or you and your friends, relatives and progeny will suffer My Indignant Wrath... for the headlines of the GodHead on... The Planet Heaven Scriptural Times... will eventually read... Lightening Strikes Justice!"

211 Amen and Awomen.


Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Webite: ThePeaceForce.org

My Email: ArtEarthmann@gmail.com

My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213

My Land line: 310-581-8060

My G.O.D. The Great Open Democracy


Roland369 5 years 10 weeks ago

"And the Lord said: Let there be light," and there was light, but man remained stupid and gullible.

donna ford's picture
donna ford 5 years 10 weeks ago

The world is tired of Isreal and their ways, we realize that they invented terrorism. The USA should not let our leaders hold dual citizenship with ANY country. We have become a tool for Isreal and this must stop.

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