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Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA

Letter to the Editor, Los Angeles Times [“SONY FALLOUT NO JOKE FOR THE COMICS” by J. Rottenberg and D. Vankin (12-22-2014, D-1)]

Dear Top Editors, Nicholas GOLDBERG and Jim NEWTON:

I would like to thank Rottenberg and Vankin for alertly mentioning the political hot-potato classic movie “The Great Dictator” by Charlie Chaplin. But it seems that SONY didn’t learn enough from that 1940 movie or Chaplin’s Autobiography.

A quart of oil may seem insignificant to the operation of a 2,000 pound automobile, but try driving one without any OIL; it will not work!

Chaplin had the wisdom to add that oil to his movie THE GREAT DICTATOR; SONY did not add ENOUGH OIL with its recent movie,

First of all, Chaplin had the common sense to change the name of the antagonist, Adolf Hitler, to that of “Adenoid Hynkel”. Same initials and they rhymed. Also, instead of using the setting as the country of Germania, he chose “Tomania” to infer ptomaine poisoning as a metaphore for that poison propaganda of hate that Hitler was spewing. Lastly, the main five minute speech at the end of the movie was given by the double of Hynkel, the jewish barber, and "Dictator" ended on such an uplifting note that it was nominated for Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the Academy Awards, among others!

I am a screenwriter, and as such I would like to make some suggestions for “The Interview”. I have not yet seen the movie, but I’ve heard reports that the Dictator of Korea, Kim Jong Un, gets his head blown off... kind of like JFK’s. That could easily be made into a dream sequence [oil] where Un falls asleep and then suddenly wakes up right after the softened bloody head visuals [oil]. But the dream, and the chemicles that caused the dream, the handshake, etc., cause him to have a nervous breakdown which causes Un to have a change of heart and he decides to provide easy computer and International Internet access at all of North Korea’s schools and libraries [oil, plus an uplifting ending]! Also, change the name of Korea to “Poorea”, and Kim Jong Un to “Tim Jon Goon [oil]! And, of course, release the movie ASAP!

When Chaplin first tried to release “Dictator” only two theaters in the entire USA agreed to show it, and they were both in New York City. Those two had enthusiastic sold out crowds; the abundant threats did not materialize; and it became Chaplin’s biggest financial and critical success!

Please foward this email letter to CEO Michael LYNTON et al of SONY Pictures. They may just learn something.

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of G.O.D.

My Website:
My Email:
My Land line: 310-581-8060
My P. O. Box 1223, Beverly Hills, CA 90213



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