Saturday, October 24, 2015

Attention: Bernie Sanders, Thom Hartmann, and America!

PAYROLL TAX: Bernie, you should avoid making the same MISTAKE Democratic Party candidate Walter MONDALE made when he ran for president against Ronald Reagan in 1984. He bluntly stated that he too would raise taxes on everyone, including the low, middle, and high class -- and he lost in a LANDSLIDE -- only carried one state!

Your plan to raise a PAYROLL TAX by .2 % on the middle class to pay for twelve weeks of PAID SICK LEAVE is creative and well-intended, but NOT very SMART. There are other ways to raise those funds without the risk of raising them on the middle class, when it would be far more pragmatic to raise them on the top ten percent! (I personally like and understand the idea, but, like Adlai Stevenson, who ran for president three times and lost three times, it is too intellectual for the under informed masses!

You already plan to pay for free four-year public college education by a .005 percent TRANSACTION TAX on Securities Traders on Wall Street which would raise $300 billion dollars.

All you need to do is double that .005 percent to .010 percent and that would raise another $300 billion for the paid medical / having-a-baby leave -- and you do this without having to raise any taxes on the Middle Working Labor Unemployed Retired Student Needy Class via your Payroll Tax Plan!

In all due respect, sir, why would you want to risk causing another REPUB landslide by raising ANY taxes on the Middle Class? In fact, ideally, you should campaign on raising that ONE PERCENT on the Wall Street Derivative and Hedge Fund Traders, etc. so that you would raise ONE TRILLION dollars to speed up the rate of implementation! Besides, it would make a much better campaign slogan/sign, bumper sticker, and stump speach power point: “I plan to LOWER the TAXES BY ONE PERCENT on the bottom 70 percent, and RAISE TAXES on the top 30 percent! And increase the top marginal tax rate back up to 90 percent where it was from FDR to JFK !

To win the presidency, you need to win the confidence of the under informed, undecided fence sitters. Being too politically correct, too honest, too specifically esoteric will only provide that small hole that will ulitmately sink your sublime ship of state!

Win, Bernie win! Tax, Bernie tax... the top 10 percent... a lot more!

Respectfully yours,

Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of G.O.D. (Great Open Democracy)

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Legend 4 years 18 weeks ago

I agree. We have sales tax on virtually everything. Huge taxes on gasoline, tobacco and liquor. Property tax. Why not a tax on stock transactions. For that matter add bond transactions. Does any other country do this?

zapdam's picture
zapdam 4 years 18 weeks ago

Bernie while your at it eliminate the cap on social security. Right now David Koch pays the same social security as a guy making $116,000 and that's not right. That way there will be money for an eternity for old age security.

Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 4 years 18 weeks ago

Bernie is way ahead of you guys.


Dexterous's picture
Dexterous 4 years 18 weeks ago
Quote zapdam:

Bernie while your at it eliminate the cap on social security. Right now David Koch pays the same social security as a guy making $116,000 and that's not right. That way there will be money for an eternity for old age security.

David Koch would also only collect the same amount of SS as an individual that makes $116,000 per year. If you raise the salary amount you would need to raise the benefits. Mr. Koch would be collecting SS at a rate of millions of dollars per month.

BTW, he also pays 2.90% additional with no salary limit for Medicare tax which has the same benefit as an individual that never made over a few thousand dollars per year.

You live in Canada. Better buckle up your wallet. Thank God for you the real progressive party was defeated in your last election.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 4 years 18 weeks ago

Conservatives 'progressives' surely you joke. This is the right wing party that denied science, global warming and the world is billions of years old , in favor of creationism and a world that is 8 thousand years old. Plus these right wingers preached hatred, religious intolerance and racism, while telling Canadians they the conservatives were good stewards of the economy , even after running 7 consecutive deficits, adding hundreds of millions more to Canada's debt. Sound familar, more like your Republicans and that's why they lost. They were full
of baloney and as usual , so are you.

As for the Koch brother qualifying for public funded seniors pension, I think after the first million or two income each year , they should be disqualified from receiving benefits. But should their yearly income fall to the average American take home pay, then of course the public pension is always there for them.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 4 years 17 weeks ago

Actually there is nothing wrong with a 2% tax hike if its explained and sold properly. All Bernie needs to do is ask Americans to give his government 2 cents out of each dollar they earn, for that 2 pennies they will be protected by and receive 12 weeks of paid sick leave, each year, if ever needed. Easy sell......

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