Wednesday, October 21, 2015 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: Thom Hartmann & America,

Although I support Bernie Sanders for president, I also want the frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, to look good and do her best as she faces the Senate Benghazi / Email Hearing tomorrow in DC.

Since Thursday's Hearing is not based on Reason, Fact and Evidence, but rather on Emotion, Politics and Personality, I have privately, and herewith publically, advised Hillary to avoid any emotional outbursts like she provided in the previous such Hearing months ago. Her blurting out "what difference does it make" is exactly what the Repubs want. It's like chum for the sharks.

Hillary needs to perform like she did during the recent Democratic Debate: very logical, calm, friendly, strong and charismatic! That would leave the Repubs completely dumbfounded as they finally discover after more Hearings (7) than Watergate, or the Kennedy Assassination, that there is no there there!

She also needs to wear the same hair style (her best) that she wore during the debate, and the same glasses and eye bag erasers. She looked... marvelous!

Respectfully yours,

Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of G.O.D. (Great Open Democracy)

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Steven.PBarrett 4 years 13 weeks ago

Art, I can understand where you're coming from, but I'd sure like to know what that "what difference does it make" blurt by Mrs. Clinton was all about. After all, what if she was saying that about any of our loved ones who died in that raid? I've given her the benefit of the doubt before and have no reason to stop now. But that was one of the worst emotional outbursts by such a high ranking public official I've seen in all my sixty-plus years. I'm sure she didn't mean it to come out that way, but I'm sure the loved ones of Ambassador Stevens and his fellow murdered Americans deserve a more detailed explanation. Perhaps tomorrow she'll provide it. Hope n' pray so.

Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 4 years 13 weeks ago

What she will not say is that Stevens et al. were killed by Stevens's own hand picked "moderate" bodyguards. She was no more responsible for this than is Obama for the drinking habits of the Secret Service.


Legend 4 years 13 weeks ago

Steve that sentence is taken out of context. Read her entire statement. Emotional yes, but the whole statement says a lot more.

As far as Ambassador Stevens he had ignored directions not to go jogging alone. He had ignored security threats in the past.

My biggest question on Benghazi is when did we stop having US Marines guard our embassies? I realize Benghazi was a consulate not an Embassy but Marines use to guard tha ambassadors.

Steven.PBarrett 4 years 13 weeks ago

Legend, I don't doubt what you're saying and when I do get a chance, I'll read through the whole sequence. Thank you anyway for your suggestion. The problem for Clinton is that not many people will bother taking the time to dig into the full circumstances. They're just going to take what they saw straight to the voting booth. It's this visual plus the quote and they way it comes across that's going to be a headache for Democratic strategists. Hell, I'm more interested in this Sid Blumenthal link and his role in the whole debacle. Who were the biggest losers of today's spectacle? The relatives of the murdered men and Bernie Sanders because the Republicans just made a martyr out of Mrs. Clinton and that's going to be an awful obstacle for Bernie to get around.

Just for your future reference, I'd refrain from mentioning Amb. Stevens' bike riding proclivities. He was murdered plain and simple. Targeted and killed. I know you didn't mean to come across this way, but if any relatives or friends of the Amb. saw what you shared, well, you can imagine how you'd feel if you were in the same situation. Hell of a show today.

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