Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Attention: Thom Hartmann, and America:

Adolf Benito Trump should be having dinner with Ex-Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman rather than Mitt Romney! Huntsmann was US ambassador to China, speaks fluent Chinese, and China is our most challenging economic foe -- now and in the future! (Russia and Syria are more like military foes).

Romney's views on Russia and the world are simplistic at best and I'll give him a grade of "B" on foreigh policy.

On the other hand, after watching Huntsman perform during the Republican nomination debates of the 2012 campaign, I would give him a grade of "A--" for a progressive Republican in the eloquent tradition of Teddy Roosevelt.

Of course any informed FDR-quality Democrat like Bernie Sanders would be a lot better!

Respectfully yours,

Arthur J. Earthmann, Beverly HIlls Ca



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