Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Attention: Thom HARTMANN, and America:

President Obama should formally PARDON Hillary Clinton even though President-elect Adolf Benito Trump and some of his top aides have recently assured America that Trump does not intend to have Hillary indicted and jailed for her email and Clinton Foundation sins.

Trump is a compulsive liar and weasel and cannot be trusted. He could easily have made this assertion about not planning to indict Hillary so that Obama would be inclined not to pardon Hillary --- and then, after Trump has been sworn in to office as president --- Trump would change his mind and does indict Hillary. Since Obama is no longer president, there is nothing that he could do to stop this deplorable act because he no longer has the power to pardon her!

Trump has been so immature, inconsistant and unpredictable that he cannot be trusted in such an important matter.

Therefore, President Obama... thou shalt pardon Hillary while you still have the chance and power to do so, and that time is now, or, asap!

Respectfully yours,

Arthur J. Earthmann, Beverly Hills, CA



TomDorr's picture
TomDorr 2 years 34 weeks ago

Hillary should be completely pardoned for all actions related to her job as Secretary of State, as long as she promises to never, never, darken our political or public doorsteps again. She has suffered enough watching her coronation to U.S. president blow up in her face twice. This last election must have been horrific for her immense ego, as she watched her "sure thing" election crumble in front of her eyes in about four hours.

The best punishment for her would be to have her pardoned. This would keep her from being a martyr, keep from being a political distraction for this important next year, and keep her raspy voice and cackling laugh from invading our homes.

Let her ride off into the sunset with her loving husband. That would be a fitting punishment for them both.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 34 weeks ago

If George W Bush and Dick Cheney and company can get away with lying America into 2 wars,ordering torture, kidnappins , disappearances, 7000 American lives, the lives of a million plus Aghanis and Iraqis and result in the greatest migration of humanity since the second world war , i doubt if a few emails should concern Hillary, but hey this is the idiocracy of America all things are possible.

Legend 2 years 34 weeks ago

Tomdorr is a classically right wing radio and Fox News brainwashed idiot. Post a fact about what her crime was. The head of the FBI said that she did not commit a crime. Congressman Kevin McCarthy (second highest in Congress) said that Benghazi investigation was TRUMPED up to hurt her image. Trump pardoning Hillary would only make a bigger fool of him. He has all ready let down his chanters that he encouraged to chant Lock Her Up. It is such brainwashing techniques and the likes of Tomdorr cannot begin to see it. It is just like Hitlers speeches entrancing the audience.

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