Why Liberals are Failing in Climate Change...

Recently, President Obama said:
"Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody has mentioned here in Africa, if everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over — unless we find new ways of producing energy..." (is it just me, or does this not sound up to his usual level of rhetorical-polish? Moral of the story, some artists just aren't as good live.)

So he is saying to the poorest people in the world - "Your lives can't get any better, because 'Better' is already used-up". This concept showcases the fundamental flaw in Neo-Liberalism, that now jeopardizes the world. A person who isn't sure they will be alive 6-months from now, isn't lusting for the decadence of consumerism; they want dignity and security, with a few nice things - and such are generally more than willing to share.
The President, and modern liberals throughout the world are assuming that progress is unstoppable, and the current standards of living, enjoyed by the world's middle-classes are unsustainable (bound for disaster). But that is only true, if the profit-motive is allowed to guide that progress. Many average Americans would likely be willing to sacrifice much of their consumerism, to have more security, better communities and QUALITY of life. The Millennials are proof, that the concept of "Want" is failing (and manufactured-consent along with it). The fatal flaw in the Liberal Elite's logic is, unsurprisingly - ELITISM.

U.S. Republicans, and conservatives in general, are born to fight for privilege and scorn need, but Liberals have traditionally spoke-up for the notion that the "roots hold the tree up, and should be protected". But what the GOP's around the World lack because of religion or defective training, the Liberal's have also lost because of distance and hierarchy. They've lost Conscience, Compassion, and the Golden Rule.
Hillary Clinton decries pollution and environmental dangers, but then takes handouts (bribes) from the industries most responsible for those risk-factors. How does that happen? Simple: cognitive dissonance (with a Dash of Narcissism). The Oil-Industry will make her president, and since she obviously means well, this is a good thing, and since they are helping a good thing, maybe they're not so bad afterall: Maybe its all those PEOPLE in the world, with their needs, and unrealistic-dreams forcing the oil billionaires and Wallstreet to do the wrong thing. The hallmark of Authoritarianism is progressively-reduced accountability the further up the pyramid one looks.
Instead, those that have (and have HAD - for so long) could take a bit of a haircut - donating a portion of their unused houses/cars and other wants, to combat the needs of the poor (especially abroad in the 3rd world) who don't have nearly-enough. If one person's life can be drafted, as has been done during times of war, why shouldn't another's wealth, and especially EXCESS WEALTH be called, by patriotism and duty to humanity, into service?

Obama's quote ends with "...unless we find new ways of producing energy..."; So let's get on that! And put public money into it like it matters, instead of killing innocent people around the world with Drones (to maintain America's Bully-Cred). And rather than only speaking to those with profit motive on their minds and empires to maintain, take Roosevelt's "No Wartime Millionaires" stance and make this an effort for the good of the planet, and people in general. The President's ego makes him completely unable to take opinions seriously from sources that do not measure-up to a scale of popular status (status at the mercy of a system founded on exploitation). It is likely that a number of potentially Earth-saving technologies have already been absorbed by the Fossil Fuel Industry or Department of Energy in the name of protecting business interests, or keeping The "Nuclear Football HOT". In short, capitalism's positive-feedback loops, and conflict's of interest, have completely Fucked-Up incentives in virtually all industries and government itself. Please excuse the profanity: this is an example of the very phenomenon in question today; so many Liberals are slaves to political correctness, and while bemoaning a stolen election by the D.N.C., are totally willing to "hope for the best", but then they hear an impolite word, and instantly raise their noses. It's honestly no wonder Donald Trump is so popular with dejected/disaffected Americans.

Oscar Wilde famously made fun of a certain man: "...who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." Likewise, Mignon McLaughlin said: "Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers."

Nothing could be closer to the truth of Modern Capitalism AND Modern Liberalism's abandonment of reason in favor of plausible deniability and victim-blaming. Ayn Rand's gospel of self-worship and expediency has not only "preached to the converted", but now also won-over many of the men of reason. And thus, reason and logic will not save us. Sadly, it's in the world of emotion and impulse, with all of their selfish-desires and short-range thinking, that humankind must place its frail hope for the future:

"Now I understand everyone's shit's emotional right now. But I've got a 3 point plan that's going to fix EVERYTHING..." — President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

Humor aside, If a device meant to say - put out a fire, like a water-hose, begins hoarding the water for itself: failing to do its job, then the next, best hope is that the fire will burn itself out, before destroying everything. Those entrusted to protect us are completely useless, and likely sympathize with the predators far more than us, so only three possible scenarios remain to avoid the destruction of humanity and majority of life on this planet:

1. Collapse of world currencies: The power-base and "Game" that everyone is protecting their interest in, is money. If money ceases, they are freed-up to "do the right thing... after they've exhausted all the alternatives." — Winston Churchill

2. Fascist insurgency: Now everyone is picturing the White House with giant gold-letters that say "Trump" on it. Whether Mr. Trump is actually any more dangerous and corrupt than the U.S. D.N.C. is a topic for another paper, but as a history instructor in college once told me, "Strong men arise out of a need, or imbalance". Or, to use a medical analogy; a fever isn't much fun, but sure does a good job of fighting an infection. The Hitlers, Lenins and arguably George Washington's of the world arise because of power-asymmetry in their societies, and while they often do so for selfish reasons, the loss in power of the elites, does translate into much better power-positions for the masses - after the tyrant burns themselves out (which often happens quickly, due to their inherent instability).

3. The Old-Farts Die Off. With cancer and other diseases at all-time highs, the selfish, narcissism of the Baby Boomers may simply burn itself out through death or obvious incapacity. Vampires like Dick Cheney paint a rather worrisome picture of Dark Overloards that may well dominate the Earth forever, but the reality, is that 1/3rd of the US and comparable numbers of others, throughout the world, are much younger and have nothing to loose from the demise of this rigged-system and its side-effects. This percentage will only grow, and as the masses of people, animals and the land itself degrade, the corrupt support-systems will become harder to defend.

"Each time history repeats itself, the price goes up." — Ronald Wright

Things are DIRE, but the risk of everything calls everything into question. Each nook and cranny that human greed has traditionally run to, to evade the torches, now is at risk. We will live or we will die. But the good news, is that we may well never again have such a dire situation befall us, the planet or our future descendants.

Because the buck will stop with us.

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