Lawrence O'donnel, Brian William's, Dana Bash, and Andrea Mitchell, Don Lemon, and Steve Kornaki, Anderson Cooper, and Kristen Welker, Van Jone's, katy tur, and that super uncomfortable girl who got stuck following the Sanders Party, LOL, What's her name, Oh ya, Kasie Hunt, "Boy is she uncomfortable", oh ya< so, Kate Snow, and Joy Reid, Tamron Hall, and Willie Geist, Donna Brazille, and also Chris Haye's feel free to add name's ;


Steven PBarrett's picture
Steven PBarrett 3 years 32 weeks ago

Hey, c'mon, I'll give you Hillary's chief mouthpiece on the None But Clinton bandwagon, but I'll gladly keep the rest and no way in hell are you going to knock Rachael off the media's A-Team no matter what network she works for. She's the tops.

ayuhwa's picture
ayuhwa 3 years 32 weeks ago

I have to talk about the discusting manner in which the MSNBC team covered the Michigan Primary last night. Once Bernie pulled to far ahead,"for their liking", they pulled the percentage's from the graphic, then Kornaki started showing the graphic of a county where Hillary was Far ahead, obviously to take away from Bernie's massive, big deal, success. Simultaneously Chuck Terd, who was visibly sick by the number's, start's rambling about confusing statistic's, assuring Bernie supporter's their's no conspiricy, which is extremely odd in it's self. The body language of the entire panel, was so blatently, visible, and the audible, OHH, the audible, as they FINALLY called it for Bernie, you could plainly hear the grunt's of, I don't even know what. But I'm tired of it, and We The People need to Rise up and take back our airwave's, and call out these, vulturous Pundit's, and not only MSNBC, but also CNN, and I'll leave Fox out of this, simply because I consider them, a comedy channel. Come on People, Speak Out, Let's go out in the street's, and end this stategic attempt, to finish the Brainwashing American's, and, Let's speak out whereever we can on the interweb's, Facebook, Twitter, And any other medium's we use, Inform your Grandparent's, your Parent's, your Aunt's, Uncle's, and Children, your Cousin's, and Neighbor's, your Friend's, and complete Stranger's. Melissa Harris-Perry need's a Platform and we should all encourage Thom, Amy Goodman, and Bill Press, to work extremely hard to get Her on their show's. Hopefully, they didn't get her with a huge parting check/contract.

longwoodrun's picture
longwoodrun 3 years 32 weeks ago

Since you have the inside track to MSNBC politicos, would you please ask Rachel to stop tapping the desk with her pen/pencil any time she utters a pithy comment? As you can imagine, this happens quite routinely. Thank you.

ayuhwa's picture
ayuhwa 3 years 32 weeks ago

Well, Bernie gave an extremely, affective showing in the Miami debate tonight. I tuned in to MSNBC afterwards for about ten minute's, and it almost appeared as though they read this Blog. That little weirdo, Chris Haye's did the post debate with an entirely different panel than normal. All the usual Creature's must have required their monthly slumber. Sam Seder, was there!! Different. I just somehow get the feeling these Hack's will be back soon enough, and they'll probably scratch Bernie's back for a while, " Of coarse disproportionally in comparison with Trump", but it won't last long. They will soon Be spewing forth the same hypothetical bullshit that any encrusted Turd could spew, and endlessly debating worthless talking point's, not once, or twice, but over, and over for 16 hour's a day, five, and sometime's six, or seven day's a week, depending on where "Debbie" can tuck away a Debate. Not tonight, Tonight was for Bernie, and I am certain He new it! I Am confident Debbie, Hillary and the entire Insider dem establishment will regret their cohorting, and deceitful collaboration to attain additional Debate's, so secretively, without the tiniest sliver of recognition for Bernie's having called for far more debate's than the original lonely 4 Debate's since Probably before he announced his candidacy. (What Goes Around Come's Around)

Donna Heim 3 years 32 weeks ago

Bernie was great as usual at the Miami debate, but I noticed the first red-baiting during a 2016 debate. The questioner played a video clip of *Mayor* Bernie decades ago praising some of the plusses of Castro's early government.

Skillfully redbaiting, Hillary deceptively implied that socialist governments in Latinamerica engaged in "disappearances, incarceration for speech, oppression and 'even murder'"and concluded that she didn't want see that kind of "revolution" in the USA. Of course the criminal practices she referenced were the hallmarks of bloody Guatemalan and Chilean *military dictatorships* that came to power after our CIA's covert "nation-building" in those countries removed democratically-elected leaders. But the Miami audience went wild with applause and cheering for Hillary's red-baiting remarks. This ironic deception seemed effective at the moment with this audience, and I wonder if it's a sample of what line of attack Bernie might encounter further down the road, in the primaries, or the general election. That is, deceptive redbaiting, and the false insinuation that the revolution he promotes is about human rights abuses and ending democracy, rather than breaking corporate control and oligarchy, and expanding the benefits of democracy to everyone.

ayuhwa's picture
ayuhwa 3 years 32 weeks ago

Donna, your right, that is the first real blatent, attempt of redbaiting, and I think Bernie responded well. I also noticed the audience seemed to respond very well to his explanation. It's surprising to that the audience seemed to strongly favor Sander's. I am more concerned with the corporate media slog's, continuing this rhetoric tirelessly over the coarse of the next week or two, than I am concerned with this line of attack from the Republican. If, and when, Bernie get's the nomination, His campaign know's exactly what the Repub's will throw at him, and In my opinion, all the Repubs have is essentially one line of attack, and Bernie is pretty exellent at countering these attack's in an Honest and convincing way. I think the Repub, will, very quickly appear, robotic, like a broken record, with this same/only line of attack. I am terribly worried about Hillary's ability to respond, in an honest way, to the countless attack's that will surely come from the right, if she is nominated, from the email's, and Bengazi, all the way to Bill's debachorous behavior as Governor of Arkansas, as well as in the Oval Office. It's a major concern, I've said before, I beleive load's of voter's are more likely to vote for trump if Hillary is the Candidate, and same said voter's will more than likely vote for Bernie over Trump.

Kpax's picture
Kpax 3 years 32 weeks ago

I'm going to make this easy... MSNBC is for Trump for ratings and Hillary for support. Personally, I dislike all the above and MSNBC is a MSM JOKE to the public!

ayuhwa's picture
ayuhwa 3 years 32 weeks ago

I had an Idea today, I, like many of you today, I assume, received another of many email's from The thing about this email is, instead of being a petition to sign, it's requesting people sign up to host, or organize, an hour long event on march 21st. with as many people as can attend, outside all of the closest district office's to where you live, of my senial, sack of crap Senator, Chuck Grassely, to demand action on appointing a Supreme Court Justice, in other word's doing the job He was elected to do. I will attend one myself, and hope many other's do as well. Now I got to thinking that this could be an effective method of calling out, Corporate Media, and exposing the Bought and paid for sheister Pundit's, for what they really are, to the Million's of American's that don't quite grasp the truth about Corporate Media, Whether it's out of sheer ignorance, Lack of Information, or Simply not paying attention at all. I think by collaborating in hundred's of Citie's around the country at local Nbc, Abc, and Cbs Affilliate's, holding sign's, and with our voice's, calling out, specifically MSNBC, and CNN, and the Pundit's who are, without concience doing their worst to sway, The People, which ever way get's them the biggest paycheck. The key here, I beleive is that these event's be held at hundred's of LOCAL, small T.V. Station's, where we can't be ignored. I will bring this Idea up with, to hopefully be brought to fruition. Now, I realize, that not tuning in to these station's in theory, take's rating's, but realistically, they are powerful, and aren't going anywhere unless the million's of people who don't know any better, are forced to see how deceptive these organization's are, and how they have controlled so much for so long. this is a Fresh Idea today, I would appretiate any feedback. Thank's

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