What I Think Conservatives Really Want

Yesterday was a tough one. I got really angry. The trigger ultimately had little to do with what it became: an over-the-top, emotional meltdown about Trump’s America and all things conservative. Cathartic though it may have been, indulging rage really isn’t any fun. I’m hoping the purge will sate me for a good while to come.

After the dust had settled, I thought more calmly about the conservatives I know, and how they are all essentially good people, just like me (only maybe a little less angry on any given day since November 2016.) I believe that what American conservatives would love is a healthy alternative to Donald Trump, someone who gives them the same sense of authority and leadership, and who advocates for smaller government and greater, fiscal responsibility, but without all the nonsense. They need somebody who, maybe during a debate, after Trump has bellowed his final insults and sneers, will point at the president and say,

“You, the American conservative, are better than this.

Don’t let him appeal to the worst in you, which is what he is doing. That appeal is exactly what drew the KKK and other white supremacists to him like flies to a bug lamp. America is better than he is. You are better than he is.

Conservatives, and Americans in general, are kind, loving, helpful people who extend their generosity and kindness regardless of one’s skin color, faith, or nationality. Whether you learned it from Jesus or it just arises from a deep place within you, you don’t let people in your presence suffer if you can do something about it. If an old man falls out of a wheel chair, you don’t hesitate to scoop him up, help him back in, dust him off, and make sure he’s ok. If someone gets in a car accident and you’re the 1st one on the scene, you get out and see if you can help. You call 911 or maybe pull someone from a vehicle just before the cabin is engulfed in flames. If a child wanders a shopping mall alone and crying, every single decent American stops and asks what’s wrong and whether they are lost. I know because I see you do it. I do it myself. We do it because it is unquestionably the right thing to do.

It is to this sense of American decency that your president should appeal. It is this shared morality that your president should inspire, and celebrate with you. He should exude that spirit so strongly that it can’t but bring it out in all of us. Not this. (Points at Trump). You are far better than this.

Insist that your president be one who doesn’t react to every single criticism with “I know you are but what am I” style tweets that only show a lack of self-discipline and maturity. Insist on someone who doesn’t badger or engage in duels of arrogant bravado when it comes to other world leaders who threaten nuclear aggression. Demand a president who will engage in diplomacy, and not assume that military muscle flexing is the only way to handle some of our problems. Demand a president who values the constitution and the rule of law over loyalty to himself. (Points at the president)

In divisive times such as these, say to any candidate, we demand a president who proves that he is willing to work across the aisle with Democrats by not having Republican-only, closed-door luncheons or law-making sessions. We demand a president who will represent us well abroad, not just as an ambassador of American interests, but one of peace, good will, and healthy alliances, for that is what truly promotes our safety. We demand our president be someone who knows how to convey respect and doesn’t project neediness for it in return. (Points at the president)

We are decent, God-and-country loving conservatives and we demand a president whose vision extends beyond simply undoing everything the previous administration had accomplished. We insist on a president who doesn’t childishly call people names like “Little Marco,” “Lyin’ Ted,” or “Crooked Hillary” every time he feels attacked, as it is embarrassing to see such reality-show antics brought into the hallowed walls of Washington.

In other words, we conservatives aren’t following you anymore, Mr. Trump, because we are better than what you bring. We demand a president who behaves at least as decently as we. And we sure don’t want America, or the rest of the world to think that you are who we are.

And that’s why I am running for the President of the United States of America. Thank you and God bless.”

I like to believe that this kind of candidate appeals to the vast majority of conservative voters in America, but maybe not. If a candidate like that shows up on the Republican ticket in 2020, and the Democratic candidate doesn’t have it all together, okay, I’ll probably still vote for the Democratic candidate, but if he or she loses, I’m sure that I and the rest of the world will breathe a lot more easily than we do today.

Donald Trump hasn’t just lowered the bar for America; he’s cast it to the ground like a rib bone that he’s gnawed clean. It is precisely our highest office where such lowering should not, and cannot occur. He is doing the Republican Party and our country irreparable damage. Surely you see it, as did Senators Flake and Corker, and probably countless others too afraid to speak out. Trump was the wrong choice on so many levels, and I believe that all decent conservatives know this deep in their hearts. Keep you beliefs, my fellow conservative Americans, but please, in the name of all things decent, admit the mistake and call for his immediate removal, because you are better than he!