My fellow Americans,

If you believe that America is not a rascist country, please consider the following:

1) The first 12 Presidents of this country were slave owners--nothing racist there!

2) Francis Scott Key--writer of the National Anthem, was a slave owner, and a slave trader--in other words, he sold humans like used cars--buy cheap & sell high--not a bit of racisim here! The country also stopped singing his later verses, in which he tells slaves that that they will tracked down & killed (National Anthem!!!!!!!) Read verses 2-4--if you have a brain, it will open your eyes--but again, no racisim here.

3) Segregation--by all means necessary, make sure that the super 'clean' whites, are not forced to interact, with the inferior black species--again, no rascisim there! My family moved from Michigan to California in 1957--when we hit Texas, no one could possibly rent a room to a black family of five--so we were forced, all 5 of us, to sleep in the damn car for 2 nights--you wouldn't want precious white people to come in contact with a 'solid black family;--oh hell no--no racisim here!

4) Now, in 2017, allow white police officers, to kill unarmed black people, at the highest rate in history, for no reason whatsoever--and, be acquitted by local juries--again, no rascisim here.

If you are dumb enough, to dismiss these facts, and think that America is the perfect country--call your personal doctor, and ask when you had a lobotomy!


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