Okay, here’s my holiday rant (grab your scotch or drumstick or whatever).

I have zero patience with those who are saying we should "attempt to engage in conversation" with Trump and his neo-fascist supporters who are now in the process of taking power here.

We’ve already had a conversation with fascists: it was called World War II. And the take-away from that experience is that you don’t “engage in a conversation” with fascists; you don’t “consider their point of view”; you don’t opine that "their philosophy is a viable alternative worthy of intelligent analysis”.

What you do is grab them by the nose and kick them in the ass and you keep on kicking until they’re face down in the mud because that’s where the s-o-bs belong.

It took the civilized world some 23 years to manage to stamp out European fascism after it first raised its head in Italy in 1922. I’m afraid that it’s going to take a bit longer than that to eradicate it here, because it’s home grown this time and wrapped in our own flag.

However, it seems that is now our task. At the risk of sounding pretentious, “this generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny”; and if we wish to harbor at least the hope that our Republic will one day be restored and the gathering darkness driven out, we better damned well get on with it in any way we can.

There. All done.

Happy Thanksgiving


Legend 2 years 34 weeks ago

He is building a Totalitarian Fascist Dream Team. He is blending his business into the office of the POTUS. He has started his canned press release speeches and Freedom of the Press is on the way out. Every day it gets worse. The Republican Party should go ahead and change its name to the Fascist Party.

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