Koch-Puppets and Madison Politics…


Expel Scott Walker for Cheating… AGAIN!

I wonder if any of us really get the “Big Picture” as events unfold in the State Capital of Wisconsin over worker’s rights to collective bargaining. Of course, it’s been clearly established that the confrontation has nothing to do with debt reduction… and EVERYTHING to do with UNION BUSTING. The unions have said repeatedly, they would agree to financial concessions, but that wasn’t enough for Scott Walker, the Governor-Puppet-in Cheese! He wants the WHOLE WHEEL of FORTUNE as his Corporate Paymasters insist. There’s much money to be made with repression and concession and they’re drunk with early 20th Century immoral values. Perhaps they can borrow some of Khadafy’s helicopter gunships and strafe the crowd with rabbit pellets, as a warning shot to how onerous and odorous their agenda is!?

We actually know the Koch brothers are yanking on Walker’s oily string cheese, but they’ve clearly found their perfect shill in a carbon life-form devoid of a moral compass or a functioning conscience. He obeys with blind allegiance to promises of untold millions, should he succeed with their scripted path. Never mind, that if he fails, he might have to settle, doing Hair Club for Men commercials.

And wouldn’t the consuming public be surprised to know the actual tactics that took place BEFORE the DEM-14 took a road trip to the flatlands. Senate Republican leaders scheduled Democratic Senators for a 4:00 vote on pending legislation, and then went about passing those laws with their evil majority before 4:00… and before the Dems could offer alternatives… or even sane debate. The stench of the Republican tactics must have wafted down the halls of justice, as somebody caught wind of it just before 4:00, catching the Repooplicans squatted over the State Constitutional with nary a square of toilet tissue to be seen.

The BIG PICTURE… if we could actually get the Press to cover it HONESTLY… is A REAL, grass-roots battle for democracy itself. To be fair, there have been millions hoping for it… begging for it… screaming for it… but all too often, they appear as the lone voice in the wilderness. Wisconsinites are now building a choir of voices… and if their sympathetic brethren around the country can add some lung power… like Tunisia and Egypt, they can turn a single drop of hope… to a tidal wave of change… driving these Oligarchs back to the prison of their gated compounds, cordoned off from their abilities to swindle, steal and oppress again.

For now, Citizens United has insured that all future elections will be spoiled by these Kleptocrats… but with the Greedy, Green curtain being pulled back, we see the great and powerful wizard as the insecure and pasty thronged neophyte with saggy upper arms and kankles, manipulating the levers of LIFE like a board game… instead of conscionably managing an ailing planet inhabited by a sea of living, breathing, feeling human souls. America’s shining beacon of Freedom and Democracy has become a tarnished mask of oppression, cleverly manipulated by the Rush O’Hannitly’s of the world… and now seems to be on loan to the Muslim community to show us what we’ve forgotten. Perhaps we WILL take corporate bribe money… and politicians-on-the-take… OUT of government! Maybe we’ll shame our press into recalling the original charter of our FOURTH ESTATE, and truly be the watchdogs of Truth. Perhaps we will finally find criminality, in the actions of those who hijacked our good name… stolen our treasure… and maimed and murdered our most honorable and heroic citizens… as pawns… for their cause of global hegemony. A Liverpool Beatle knew… that money can’t buy you love… or happiness… or a cozy flat in heaven, when you defraud and cheat your fellow man. As the Mayan Calendar suggests 2012 will bring a sea change to humanity, perhaps Wisconsinites are the first in America to stick their toes in the water! God, I love cheese!


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