Obama is NEVER going to go left because he IS a right.

All of the clues are there to prove this.

His performance as President of the Harvard Law Review.

His campain promises to the banksters and against single payer health care.

Hiis coporate criminal appointments to his presidential cabinet.

His statements and actions so far as president.

His lack of performance regarding the oil spill.

There are no real signs of left leaning in him.

A second term will only open the floodgates of his inner conservative.

Obama's inner core is more conservative than Clinton was, not liberal

Sorry for the reality check - thom.

Love your program though!!!


writerofwrongs's picture
writerofwrongs 9 years 8 weeks ago

IMO Obama has performed like a corporatist and social liberal. His campaign promises have all but been watered down or abandoned. Big multi-national interests run America and today a federal judge has given the go ahead for more deep drilling in our GuM, and the matter of safety is a non-issue it seems, so if a few workers lose their lives, oh well; there are legions of applicants for every job and besides, nobody lives forever. If you don't work, you don't eat.

I had high hopes that Obama would bring about real change, though I had my doubts because the mess America is in took decades to create but the only real change I have seen so far amounts to a few pennies and buffalo nickels. IMHO, bu$h et al are stil in charge, perhaps in the shadows but still in charge.

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