On August 28, 2013, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman asked for a new trial on his 2006 bribery conviction, arguing that the case was tainted by the involvement of a prosecutor with ties to GOP politics...His lawyers contended that a federal judge erred at Siegelman's sentencing and wrongly held the politician accountable for acquitted conduct. Lawyers for Siegelman, a Democrat, filed the brief with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals asking for a new trial, or, at a minimum, additional discovery about the role of former U.S. Attorney Laura Canary after she announced she was stepping aside from the case in 2002. "First, U.S. Attorney Laura Canary's failure to honor her disqualification violated Siegelman's right to a disinterested prosecutor," Siegelman's lawyers wrote....."While Siegelman was being criminally nvestigated by the U.S. Attorney's office, Canary's husband was a hired consultant for Siegelman's opponent...Canary had a direct financial interest in the success of her husband's client and in Siegelman's defeat." Canary, a Bush appointee, was the sitting U.S. Attorney in the early days of the investigation....She is the wife of Billy Canary, who was a political ally of former Gov. Bill Riley, who defeated Siegelman in 2002, and did some consulting work for 2002 GOP primary candidate Steve Windom.

On Saptember 12, 2012, Thom Hartmann interviewed Mimi Kennedy on his TV Show after she wrote about "The Curious Case of Don Siegelman"




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SueN 5 years 33 weeks ago

Governor Siegelman has been on the show many times, and his daughter has been on several times,and Thom often mentions the http://free-don.org/ web site.The following transcripts give some of the background.




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