February 27, 2016

Thankfully, Chris Christie proved he was beyond shame when he endorsed Donald Trump for president, but this moment had to sting a little bit.

In a humiliating moment for the one-time Republican presidential candidate, a hot mic captured the way Donald Trump treats his new lap dog -- and it isn't pretty.

At a rally, Christie seemed to think he could share the stage with Trump during Trump's portion of the event, but apparently the idea of sharing a spotlight with a former rival wasn't something Trump was about to let happen.

Shaking Christie's hand, Trump leans in and whispers, "Get on the plane and go home. .It's over there...Go home."
Christie at first continues waving, then simply says "Okay" and walks towards the exit.

It's probably a rough pill to swallow, but Christie must surely realize by now that by endorsing Trump, he doesn't get to share in the Republican front-runner's spotlight.
Viscously jealous, astoundingly egotistical, Trump has always been a one-man operation.
He will share his fame with no one.

Will Christie be relieved to go back home to New Jersey?
It doesn't seem likely.
Having been on the road for the last few months, Christie has gotten the luxury of forgetting the mess that he left behind in the state he is supposed to be governing.

But now it appears he doesn't have much choice.

Get on the plane and go home, Christie.

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zapdam's picture
zapdam 3 years 41 weeks ago

After what this pig headed crooked bully Christie has done to his state and his country , any form of public humiliation could never be enough. I'm sure Trump detests the man and showed it the way as you said, by abruptly dismissing his newest 'lap dog'.

Steven PBarrett's picture
Steven PBarrett 3 years 41 weeks ago

I wish I'd read a follow up story where Christie went Jersey on Trump and told him in no uncertain terms where he could go and what to do with himself when he got there. I've been a small town newspaper editor once and experienced a similar brusque businessman's brush off ... and to this day, it still stings. I can only imagine what this has done to Christie's self respect to be treated so shabbily by a guy he stuck his neck out for.

In my situation, I was working l ike hell one day to be sure everything was properly written about in the paper because it involved a takeover of a popular family gathering place by some outsiders from Eastern Massachusetts. The paper I worked for was a former "shopper" The Belchertown Sentinel that covered Belchertown, the much larger collegetown of Amherst and Granby. The residents living there were sensitive as to how their landmark restaurant that'd recent burned down would be run and the locals treated. Boy did I get a chairside taste of it. It's hard to interview people in a restaurant and even though these guys were given extra free publicity and a guarantee I wouldn't go Woodward n' Bernstein on them, I was treated in a fashion General Sherman had in mind for all reporters in general.

Those auslanders got their fluff piece, but I never got out of my mouth the bad taste they left not to mention the contempt i have for big shots that think nothing of talking down to a reporter or a public servant just because he's not as big in business as he is. And likewise, I have no respect for arrogant and petty politicians or public servants who've forgotten they're suppose to serve the public as a whole.

Reading this story about Trump's treatment of Gov. Christie brought back some rough memories. And I know how painful it was for Christie. Look, the governor is a rough n' tumble Jersey guy, but I'd rather put my trust in him in a jam any day over Donald Trump whose contempt for the nation he wants to be president of knows no boundaries.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 3 years 41 weeks ago

Steven P Barrett

Chris Christie is as dirty as it comes, here's a few just to enlighten you.

In 2003 Spear, Leeds, Todd Christies financial firm, was under investigation on suspicion of cheating customers to benefit the firm. When the United States attorney in Manhattan, David N. Kelley, secured criminal indictments against 15 traders at the firm in 2005, Todd Christie was spared, and faced only civil fraud charges along with four other traders. Even though Christie made more traded and profited more then others listed on the indictments!

In 2007 Chris Christie’s gave a no-bid legal contract, to monitor an orthopedics firm, to David N. Kelley, the former federal prosecutor who had handled the case against Christie’s brothers firm! Like this isn’t a complete conflict of interest!

In the wake of Sandy, Governor Christie gifted a no-bid contract to AshBritt, a Florida-based debris-removal firm with eyebrow-raising political affiliations. AshBritt's founder and chief executive, Randal Perkins, has personally contributed $218,500 to political candidates and committees since 2001, nearly all of which went to Republican causes including George W. Bush and the Florida GOP.

Christie's economics are often remarkably arbitrary. In his first three budgets, Christie cut women's health funding claiming the state didn't have the money. Then, he somehow found the aforementioned $260 million to spend on Revel, an Atlantic City casino (which just went bankrupt).

Christie employed inflated cost estimates to justify canceling the ARC rail tunnel to Manhattan, which would have created thousands of both short- and long-term jobs, cleared up congestion and lessened pollution caused by commuters. The result of Christie's action was to give him credibility as a staunch fiscal conservative within the national Republican party, which was likely his ultimate objective.

In 2011, not long after his secret meeting with the Koch brothers, Governor Christie proposed a Department of Environment Protection waiver rule which would allow landowners to request exemptions from the DEP if a rule is considered "unduly burdensome." The vagueness of that phrase sparked concerns among environmentalists -- and many regular people who are fond of clean air and water --

The public is outraged by the dirty deal between Exxon and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that was rubber-stamped by Judge Hogan. Even more outrageous is now the Christie administration is trying to spin the biggest environmental sellout in state history as a "fair" deal! What makes this even worse is that almost no money from this settlement will go toward environmental purposes. The state, after working on this settlement for years, has given away billions of dollars from the people of New Jersey. Out of the $225 million settlement: $50 million will go toward legal fees and $175 million will go to the general fund. That means no money is left for restoration or the environment. This settlement is a shameful manipulation of the judicial system.

Bill Baroni, Bridget Anne Kelly and David Wildstein were involved in an effort to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, who had the temerity to not endorse Christie for re-election. The mayor’s endorsement was desired because it would demonstrate bipartisan appeal, thus boosting Christie’s reputation as a candidate who could attract voters from across the political spectrum.

But because Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich did not endorse Christie, a plan was hatched. In mid-August 2013, Kelly emailed Wildstein, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” Wildstein replied, “Got it.” They then waited for a busier time of year to strike, and put their plan into effect on the first day of public school.

There's more lots more, but i hope you get the drift.

funkutron's picture
funkutron 3 years 41 weeks ago

I hope if Trump wins he doesn't make Christie Attorney General, because if he does, goodbye to legal weed in this land....

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