Washington Post, April 29, 2016

Former Alabama governor Don E. Siegelman was sent to solitary confinement this week at the Louisiana facility in which he is imprisoned on political corruption charges, according to his son, Joseph Siegelman.

Siegelman, 70, was quoted extensively in a Washington Post article earlier this week on former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell, whose 2014 conviction on public corruption charges was reviewed by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Siegelman was transferred to solitary confinement at the federal correctional institution at Oakdale, LA., on Monday after the story was posted online, according to his son, who said he found the timing suspicious.

But Bureau of Prisons officials, who refused to confirm that the former governor was in solitary confinement, said that there was no link.

"The allegation that Mr. Siegelman was punished for talking to a reporter is false," a spokesman for the bureau said in an e-mailed statement.

"Due to confidentiality concerns, we cannot speak specifically about disciplinary matters about a particular inmate."

Joseph Siegelman said his father had told him that he was being punished for three infractions: running a business from prison, misuse of the mail, and a catch-all prohibitation against behavior that is disruptive of prison operations.

An official at the prison said that the incident report was about a T-shirt that Siegelman sold on eBay, which was mentioned in the Post article and had been reported on in Alabama media..




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