I love you, Thom. I aspire to be like you, but I've got to tell you: I think you should stop doing live updates from the protests all over the country. It's becoming redundant, and not to mention, some of these occupiers do not sound good on radio. Thanks, Thom.


Randy95023's picture
Randy95023 8 years 13 weeks ago

In the current state of affairs I don't think anyone could do "too much" coverage of the Occupy Movement. I do understand what you are saying here, that it's not "news" if the status quo hasn't changed and it does sound redundant.

Unless you're out there standing in the street while you put your life on "hold" the only way we can support the people doing the hard work in the streets need to know that the world is watching. How disheartening it would be to be out there, unable to attend work or school and even giving up your normal social life, and have nobody give you any attention. Thom's doing a great job in his "Occupy Coverage" by giving those folks the hard earned attention they deserve.

Maybe, as the Occupation continues, Thom could simply do an individual segment on his morning and evening show. Devote maybe 3 to 5 minutes of coverage on this compartmentalized segment of his show. By putting the coverage in its own segment it would get the coverage deserved while at the same time not "cluttering" the remainder of the show. I'm not a Television or Radio Producer, but that's how I would do it...

Keep up the good work Thom! We need you and your show more than you might realize.

Peace, Randy

teton's picture
teton 8 years 13 weeks ago

For Occupy to be successful they need to do so against the real perps. They need to go and Occupy the white house. It is government policies that have failed them. Free trade agreements that kill American jobs, bail outs to save retiree pensions (GM), and back stopping bank loan losses to save the stock market and losses by pension funds which have huge stock market holdings, etc. these only hurt the majority of working folks who aren't government employees.

Go occupy the white house and remove Obammie. His policies are failing the people.

Laborisgood's picture
Laborisgood 8 years 13 weeks ago

Sure, some of the occupier calls aren't polished professional broadcast material, but that just adds to the authenticity of the movement. It would be a sad day if Thom were not all over this story. Keep it up Thom!

occupybob's picture
occupybob 8 years 13 weeks ago

I am one of the 99%. I am 55 with a good paying job.I am a grandfather and i am out there fighting for the future of this country and the planet. One reason the tea party did as well as it did, is because of the coverage that it got. Yes we need people like you helping us to spread the message. Please keep it up.

Thank you

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