The conservative on the show today embodies the ignorance and stupidity of their ideals. He said "Silly westerners are buying all the solar panels from china". Of course solar is silly for him because It makes sense. It's silly for him because he can't make money off of it. It really smart for me because we can cover the all the energy used for an entire family and after 5 years IT MAKES FREE ENERGY! Is that really silly? Yes, solar is more expense and there is a reason for that. We have only been producing these things on a large scale for a few years and any new industry is going to be more expensive. If an industry has been around for 50+ years cost of production has been paid for so product can be sold for next to nothing no matter how polluting or inefficient.

The second conservative fairyland world point is that they are afraid of science. Science is forgin to them because we can actually Measure the mercury around these coal plants and we can actually Measure the hydrocarbons in the air produced by combustion. The conservatives call these things silly and rebuke these things because the science makes sense and hurts their bottom line.


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islandmu 6 years 29 weeks ago

an investment that more than pays for its self, it is a investment that frees we the people from exploitation by the rich and powerful profiteers. Can not allow that to happen!

SAVE THE FETUS STARVE THE CHILD … The Corporate enslaving of the of the masses.

In listening to the topics being discussed on the radio program I can not help but see the connection of the enslaving of the masses as the underlying foundation of all that has transpired. While listening to Thom's show the other day you was discussing the issue of our toxic computer garbage being sent to poor countries where they are hiring children to salvage profitable components from old computers without protective equipment or knowledge of what they were being exposed to. The argument that the gentleman had given Thom to justify this was that they are starving and would we rather them starve? The real question is are we helping to enable the masses to lift out of poverty or do we enable the enslavers to suppress those efforts to maintain and increase populations of slaves. The budget battle is about cutting investment in we the people and lifting the masses out of starvation or investing that money in that which would enslave we the people. Everything from union busting, deregulation, racism, antiabortion, electoral proceedings and financing, social security, healthcare, etc.

We the people and our future generations along with our towns are being starved into slavery plain and simple.

I loved Thom's discussion in regards to the history that led up to the Citizens United ruling. Edward G. Ryan was correct in his view of the future questions that we would have to ask ourselves.

" Which shall rule, wealth or man? Which shall lead, money or intellect? Which shall fill public station, educated and patriotic free men or the futile serfs of corporate capital? "

Thank you Thom for sharing your wisdom and dedicating so much of your energy the the important task of educating We the People. You are a true patriot and a gifted and bright light in the darkness Justice Ryan warned about.

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Robindell 6 years 29 weeks ago

Yes, I agree that conservatives lie to protect their money, their "bottom line" I also agree that they tend to be against science. PBS once did a program on physics research and nuclear particle accelerators. At one time, the National Accelerator Lab or Fermilab in Bativia, Illinois was the world's largest atom smasher. Congress killed plans to fund an even larger facility which was going to be built down in Texas if I recall. Now the world's largest accelerator is in Europe. I forget the exact location, but it is so large that it straddles the border of two different countries. The T.V. program included some comments from the director of Fermilab, and he made a negative remark about Republicans because he was concerned that they wanted to cut federal funding for his lab. He then said in jest that they could always go back and edit out his comment, which they certainly did not do.

In order to expose the greed and dishonesty of Republicans and conservative groups, people should try and donate to progressive causes, and if possible make phone calls in support of progressive ballet initiatives and candidates, and call your members of Congress to oppose right-wing legislation and policies. Also, write letters to networks or newspapers criticizing one-sided, inadequate coverage of economic and public policy issues.

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