In 1993 Solar Scientists discovered The Solar Mortality Theory which states

"IF your mother was born during a solar cycle you will DIE of Cancer during a lifetime"

Implication is a human generation is one solar cycle of 22.2yrs and over eons of time the human species has become Solar-Synchronized to grow in wavelets of 22.2 yrs (can be seen in energy consumption data) and now this phenomenon DEFINES the course of Modern History starting @1796 w/discovery of 2 major public health issues

In 1795 British Royal Navy issued orders for ALL sailors to eat limes fruit & fresh veg's to prove lack of VITAMINs were source of diseases of malnutrition> By 1796 Scurvy, Rickets, Beri-Beri & other diseases had been defeated proving worth of VITAMINS In same year 1796 SmallPox vaccine was discovered & a phamplet "CowPox" written

Since 1796, every 3 generations of every 66.6yrs global genocide has occured again and again for when 4th arrives, who is working? NOT Aged nor Newborn and when GrandParents begin to retire it leaves only ONE generation to support ALL 4 but it is unsustainable> Result? IF NO BIRTH Control was in place, then DEATH Control ensues There you have it> The ORIGINS of GENOCIDE repeated again & again thruout history

Years in Modern History are 1860s (China Civil War killed >20+Million but slavery won) followed by 19teens WWI that led to 1930s & WW2 followed by 1990s Rwanda, Bosnia but no ma's> Bosnian death records spread sheet shows 2 spikes in birthdates> 1930 and 1963 which implies a "Phase Shift" of one solar reversal of 11.1yrs, to add to the 3 solar cycle 66.6yr span (yes its in the KJV bible, scribes missed the DECIMAL in early Greek texts as Europeans knew nothing of DECIMALS, they used FRACTIons back then

Add 11.1 to 66.6 to get 77.7yrs to add to the 1929.8 stk mkt crash and U get 2007.5 when an event occurs to Trigger onset of global socio-economic upheavals (This we knew by mid-90s after Bonsian conflct a FULL DECADE before the 2008 stk mkt crash that NO ONE saw coming? EVENT was Bush SEC removed the 1937 Uptick Rule on 7/7/7 (spot on the 2007.5 predictin) to Trigger shorting of weak hsg mkt leading to a FREE FALL of stk mkt in Fall 2008 (Why then?) The post war baby boomers 1st born in Fall 1946 (took 1yr for troops to get home & have babys) they began to retire at age 62 in FALL 2008 & stk mkt perceived this event occurring where Retirees stopped funding stk mkt & began to make withdrawals> So now world is in a period of DEATH Control & its why POPE says "We shouldn't BREED like Rabbits" of course its too late for now> we'll just have to suffer thru a prolonged period of DEATH CONTROL, hope its not US

Genocide should begin to subside 17yrs after 2008 or 2025 since last postwar baby boomers were born 17yrs after the first ones (1963 - 1946 = 17) so we've got at least another DECADE of JIHADIST GENOCIDE to go>

Sorry about that


Origins of Genocide


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