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There was a caller last Friday who wanted to talk about the Iowa Supreme Court justices who were voted out of office by the right wing loons. Judges in Iowa do not run political campaigns to sit on the bench. In Iowa there are nominating commissions...nonpartisan...who nominate lawyers or judges for open positions on the state courts. The Governor then will appoint a justice from the list that has been forwarded to him/her (of course in Iowa, we have never elected a woman Governor and as strange as it may seem, nor have we elected a female to Congress). In the case of the Iowa Supreme Court, there were three justices on the ballot this year and it is called a retention vote as there is no one running against them. There is a crack pot in Iowa who ran in the Republican primary named Bob Vander Plaats who has taken it upon himself to be the moral gate keeper in Iowa. So, last year there was a law suit that made its way to the Supreme Court. A same sex couple named Varnum sued the Polk County Recorder (Des Moines) Tim Brien for not issuing them a marriage license. The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the State of Iowa could not discriminate based on gender and ruled against the County Recorder and changed the State law defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman to any two consenting adults.

The vote by the Court was 7 – 0 and the three who were voted out of office just happened to be unlucky enough to be up for the retention vote and got the ax. This Vander Plaats spent over $600,000 to oust the justices in what will forever change the judicial system in Iowa and will have no effect on the same sex marriage law which is settled law and can only be reversed by a change to the Iowa constitution…which aint gona happen.


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