Today, Sunday morning, on This week with Christiane Amanpour, there was an excellant example of the failure of our partisan system. Four governors discussed the Wisconsin protests. The two Democratic Gvernors spoke of their successes in negotiations and their successes through respect for each other and the ability to work together. The conservative governors instead used words such as shameful and desdicable to describe the Wisconsin democrates. They berated them and demonstrated no intention to participate with anyone who did not of their philosophy.

This eaxchange should be studied and analyzed. Within lies the exact root of the problem that exists in the partison environment. I have not been able to describe in words this difference, but I can really feel it. And this demonstration between the governors contains the answer.


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LeMoyne 8 years 47 weeks ago

The Democrats stayed uniformly positive and did not comment directly on the Wisconsin situation. The Repblicans were almost completely negative towards the Wisconsin 14 (called them cowardly many times) and towards unions (projecting their negativity with 'the unions always say no'). The closest the Republicans came to being positive was to assert that they are the employer and need total control, i.e. they were positive in their authoritarianism. The Democrats were uniformly inclusive and treated employees as stakeholders.

The Democrats smiled and spoke of successes. The Republicans frowned (Brewer) and whined (Haley) and spoke of failures. Besides emulating the most successful politician around (Obama) the Democrats performed 'the beedance'. When swarms of bees choose a hive location they send out scouts and follow the scouting party that performs the longest, happy dance of prosperity. See the RT program from 1/20/2011:Do Bees do a better Democracy than us?

The upshot is clear but can be said many ways. Thom says it as "Are we a 'me' society or a 'we' society?" Frequent recent guest John Nichols has quoted former Wisconsin governor Fighting Bob LaFollette: "Democracy does not end on election day." I say that we must all chose each moment which side we are on: people vs money - adaptability vs stability - freedom vs control. The panel on ThisWeek made those choices clear with a stark contrast of substance and style.

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