Each American state is a sovereign nation-state unto Itself by law. They ratified the Constitution in their capacity as such, while also doing so with each state being a direct democracy. The phrase "we the people of the United States", refers to each state respectively, each by the will of its respective voters. In doing so, the voters in each state overruled their government to elect State ratification conventions, but they did not authorize these conventions to unite their respective nation-states together as a single nation state callled "the United States of America."
Therefore, just like the people of each state seceded from the Articles of Confederation to form the more perfect union under the Constitution, so likewise they can just do it again by popular vote in State Convention. Again, each state is a direct democracy and it makes the people simply choose to delegate certain powers to state and federal governments. That is the fact of history that nobody will tell you because of agenda-driven politics, but it has the Merit of being the truth.
The Lincoln takeover derailed the Democratic experiment created by the founders in 1776 and following, and plummeted the American States as well as the world into a cataclysm of War and brutality over the next century., that took us to within a hair's breadth of nuclear Armageddon, by replacing free market capitalism and direct democracy, with they're imposters of crony capitalism and totalitarian democracy... which in turn drove misinformed foreign onlookers into the doomed arms of benevolent dictatorships that ravaged the world and drove it to the brink of utter destruction.
There is no freedom without the freedom to choose government, and this in turn require the direct democracy that the founders established among the individual states with the Constitution, as well as the national sovereignty for each state that they established with the Declaration of Independence and the 1783 Treaty of Paris.
Once the people of at least one state understand this, they will be able to petition the international court of justice for Global recognition of their State's long-standing National sovereignty dating retroactively back to 1776.


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