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Forty-ninth anniversary coming up

Dear Thom and friends,

This November 22nd the US will be coming up on the 49th anniversary of what can only be honestly described as the coup that assassinated our country. JFK. All you neighbors and friends check out this link to an about 45 minute piece on the subject. It's enough to make you shudder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI07govlUqI&feature=related and yours truly has no doubt that IF anyone gets into the White House [like our present President] with ideas of real change, THEY tell him "Do as we say or we'll do you like JFK!"

No doubt at all that the RFK and MLK assassinations were similar in concept if not in detail. The best kept secret in US history.

I'd love to every independent Journalist from you to Greg, to Amy and Juan at Democracy Now, to Bill Moyers, take my dare and put this on RT's tv shows.

Respecfully yours,


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Is the Move to Authoritarianism the Worst That Trump Has Done?

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