hi thom; i was wondering if you knew who gave reagan the idea of exporting jobs once he took office. i know he screwed up the country by doing this, but their must be people that put that idea in his head before he decided to run .... thank you sir. bruce prescott


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WhitemoonG 5 years 6 weeks ago

Sounds to me like you're giving President Reagan more blame/credit than is owed, considering the President doesn't have that much to do with it beyond (ordinarily) enforcing/upholding laws duly passed by Congress. The choices were ultimately by corporate management, responding to ever increasing labor costs and regulatory burdens, not to mention the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

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Dexterous 5 years 6 weeks ago

Amen, but you will never convince the lefties here of your reasoning. Regan's success as president, and his status as one of Americas best presidents is totally lost on this crowd.

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bruce prescott 5 years 6 weeks ago

speaking as a steel worker from 1980 too 1984 and seeing the layoffs [including mine] and tens of thousands of lifetime workers. i saw the devastation it took on families who counted on their income to support their loved ones. the attacks on unions by importing there jobs was a celebration by the right that they sent over 132.000 factory companies overseas in a 30 year period. now the right is complaining their is not enough americans paying taxes. well, if hard working americans didn't loose there jobs in the first place we wouldn't have this discussion today and unemployment would not be an issue. no other american president has tried to get american jobs back to this country and it is a shame to see a country that loves to build things reduced to just getting by paycheck to paycheck. manufacturing jobs are americas life line to middle class jobs and men & women would rather have one job building washing machines, tv's, clocks, lamps, stoves, picture frames .... ect.... than taking 2 or 3 low paying jobs to support their loved ones.

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WhitemoonG 5 years 6 weeks ago

It is absolutely sad and unfortunate, and contrary to what you seem to think, there isn't any "celebration by the right" that people lost jobs, and various industries have seen increasing outsourcing of jobs overseas. It's sad, but reality. And, a lot of which may have never happened if it hadn't become increasingly difficult to handle increasing corporate tax rates, increasing regulatory and litiginous costs, while still trying to deliver a reasonably priced product or service. When faced with situations of uncertainty of maintaining future solvency, this is what happens. Jobs are shifted elsewhere. And, obviously each business/industry had/has its own realities and decisions to make, some more marginally competitve than others, some able to hang on longer, etc. but it wasn't Presidents or "the right" that sent jobs oversease, or has any pleasure in the realities involved, for execs or hard working average citizens. Reality, and a desire to try to stay viable and competitive is to thank/blame.

"The right" would be very happy to see shifts in government policy involving reasonable streamlining of currently often byzantine, contradictory and unpredictable regulations, let alone modest reductions in corporate tax rates. Many are very confident that would result in the trends reversing themselves, and many execs are just waiting for a less punitive tax/regulatory climate to occur, with much capital held overseas returning here, more expansion of business, more hiring, more people employed to follow. Presidents like Obama will never think of such policy changes, moralizing about it being the "wrong thing to do." With a less punitive business climate, business can expand, hire people, and more easily accomodate labor costs, union or nonunion. With higher taxes and regulation, scream all day if you will about "immoral" companies, etc. the simple reality is business shrinks, sometimes disappears. (Always interesting to me how leftists, who usually detest moralizing, "legislating morality," etc.. are always suddenly quick to about face about invoking moral arguments with economics.

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Dexterous 5 years 6 weeks ago

The problem Bruce, was as the union leaders got more and more demanding, and the new world market became easier and easier to tap into, the price of steel dropped. I could write novels about unions demanding heavy manning on machines that could easily be run by two people. New mills in Taiwan, and Japan had low labor costs, coupled with modern facilities that the US had absolutely no chance competing with, and killed the industry in the US. Check textiles, paper, circuit boards, etc. You were not alone in the decline of the long list of American jobs lost to those around the world that would do it for less with a product equal to those made here.

Ronald Reagan was not to blame, this transition was inevitable unless there were tariffs put in place to stop progress. No American president in modern times has been smart enough to figure this out. So the unions are left with a presence in US government jobs, the last place the American taxpayer needs them. As the cities wake up to their impending financial obligations to these workers, they too will too be replaced with part time and private non union workers. Suicide by demanding unions, greedy corporations, and government over regulation.

Mulakush 5 years 6 weeks ago
Quote bruce prescott:

hi thom; i was wondering if you knew who gave reagan the idea of exporting jobs once he took office. i know he screwed up the country by doing this, but their must be people that put that idea in his head before he decided to run .... thank you sir. bruce prescott

It seems to me that the 'job creators' had been salivating about the prospects of using slave labor of dictatorial countries times immemorial. For me, the most visible first step in this directions was taken by RIchrd Nixon when he made his historic visit to China in spite of a clot in his leg veins to start a dialog that eventually led to negotiations and pouring out a torrent of jobs from here to there. By the time Ronald Reagan assumed power, the pumps had been primed for the outpouring of the entire economy. Apparently Capitalists want total freedom for themselves, but for others, not so much!

polycarp2 5 years 5 weeks ago

The Outsourcing King was Bill Clinton (D) beginning with NAFTA, tax breaks for corporate relocations, elimination of tariffs, etc. that made it more profitable to produce abroad than in the U.S.

Repeal of Glass-Stegall (under Clinton) fed into the financial collapse.

Clinton wiped away more of FDR's New Deal than any Republican could have gotten away with.

The Dem Party of FDR died some 30 years ago. The stench of the rotting corpse should probably be a clue that it needs to be buried.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

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