COMPLAIN ALL YOU WANT but real reform probably starts with a Constitutional
Amendment that seperates cash contributions (plus industry organized support)
from our electoral politics. The reality right now is that the large corporations (and
wealthy individuals) in effect have-a-lock on political power in Washington. And so
almost everything flows from that; Lawmakers must prioritize policy choices based
first on what is best for their most powerful supporters, or risk facing a well-funded
challeneger. To restructure how things get done (with for example, e-campaigns and
e-voting) would, I think, require a Constitutional Amendment. However, one steadfast
obsticale is that for-profit (and many non-profit) news outlets are highly dependent on
corporate advertising (or charitable donations). So 'K Street', if you will, has consider-
able leverage to thwart any 'grassroots' political movement that potentially threatens
their domination. So much so, that with all the trillions up for grabs, they'd probably
be willing to risk civil war; So good news for Wall Street, but bad news for workers
and the environment? As recent (flawed?) attempts at addressing pressing issues
like healthcare reform, and Cap & Trade, show government is not very effective at
implementing workable remedies to obvious problems. With (as usual) all the over-
ages being either added (now by the trillions of dollars) to the national debt, or to
cummulative global CO2 levels. But hey, if foreigners gives us a reason to attack;
Look out! Because then seemingly everyone (who matters) gets behind gin'in-up
the American war machine. The bottom line is that I'm not advocating a [political]
revolution here. Instead I'm just explaining (to those promising major change and
/or sweeping reforms) that it probably all starts with amending the Constitution to
break the stranglehold corporation (and wealthy individuals) have on the political
process. And since the rich are also the smartest and most productive members
of society, alienating them might be somewhat disruptive in the short term. And
in the longer-term, won't they'll just figure out another way to regain control?


BEFORE 'MOVE TO AMEND' I WROTE (via Washington Post blog, circa 2009)


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