EARLIER TODAY on his show Thom described how the Reagan Revolution was a backlash against, "hippies, and gay people, and people of color, and demanding equal rights, and demanding a place at the table, etcetera".

Well, under his heading of 'etcetera', I would ask that consideration be given to the the power of the (if you will) sex, drugs & rock [music] revolution. That (by the way with Thom having worked as a record D/J) I assume he witnessed and felt those like decades long rolling waves of excitment & adventure driven by skilled artist efforts to create great music - that to this day still inspires listeners spirits [globally].

SIDE NOTE: These days with (as Thom describes) so much wealth creation being in effect pushed to the very tippy-top of society - sadly it seems (from my perspective) that many of the greatest minds/biggest talents instead now devote their skills to engineer ever more complex financial instruments - verses great art.

MAIN POINT here being that back in the 60's, concievably the reactionaries on the political-right felt equally energized by the music revolution. But (tragically) those feelings got redirected towards fear (of a potentially powerful threat to their control) that in turn lead to a coalescing around (so often violent) rejection. Which coincidentally, in spirit [reportedly] was the route Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck took after stints earlier in their careers as rock D/J's.

SO NOWDAYS given the power of the current information technolgy revolution, it's my assumption (based on the past quarter-century of my being black-listed by these guys) that the governing forces of reaction (with so much money/power/prestige on the line, are not like taking any chances) are equally or more proactive about maintaining control. For example, I imagine that in their like 'war room' gaming-out of the potential for an internet originated political revolution that (not just in China, but here too) the NSA/CIA, etc. has plans & capacities in place to in effect pull-the-plug, shutting down the internet to like tamp down any momentum (i.e., potentially powerful meme's) regarded in politically strategic terms as disruptive/threatening.


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