PEOPLE GET READY is apparently the title of a new book by John Nichols? And I imagine, in due course, that that author/speaker will be a guest on Thom's show. Elsewhere on the internet (via The Hartmann Report] a recent article there states, "In the past, rapid increases in greenhouse gases have been associated with mass extinctions." In other words; This time man has in effect [again] taken something good (i.e., Earth's ecosystems) and is literally killing it.

In summation, along with my other like pedestrian/impressionistic offerings, what I concluded is that after the past century or so of soaring upwards by billions (in apparently a perfectly parabolic ascent) total global human populaltion could reverse in an equally (pick your adjective) dramatic, frightening, catstrophic, horrific, unimaginable, biblical, "whoosh!" collapse, resulting in a net population reduction in the multi-billions, bottoming-out (just guessing, of course) by around 2175 at 4 to 5 billion, down from the current population level of +7 billion.

LOOSE TRANSLATION: In relation to past/historical events; Things could get really ugly. And, by the way, here in the U.S. the formulation/mechanisms for how those rapid reductions in [human/animal] populations could occur (as Thom describes almost daily) is seemingly relatively obvious:

>> Manufacturing base (i.e., jobs) shipped overseas,

>> The robotics/automation revolution

>> Easy availablilty to average citizens (i.e., weak regulation) weapons-of-war

>> Government policies (driven by BIG pharma $$$ agenda) pumps lots of (like 'crazy making') prescription drugs into the mix.

>> Dumbed-down public education curriculum...(e.g., "Everybody should just study your Koran uh, I mean, your Bible.")

>> GMO's (...if that is in fact a thing)

>> 'K Street' and D/C think tanks work like tirelessly to manipulate Federal & State governments with goal of undermining peoples faith in government policies/institutions.

>> Surveillance state 'collared' mainstream news/entertainment, plus 'social' media; Yes, sorry folks, but long ago [circa 2012] they apparently, of course, got '' (i.e., facebook) to roll over too.

>> Public/private debt ratio imbalances (In other words, are there any assets left on the planet that Wall Street hasn't leveraged-up?

>> Financial derivatives liabilities (see, 'Crash of 2016')

So I contend here that if [hypothetically] a 'President HRC', along with Democrats in Congress (co-lead by 'Bernie') want to be most effective at governing, then they should focus on triage.

Although granted non-nuclear, just in my lifetime there have many destructive wars, not only in effect on the natural environment, but (as Thom often describes) also on middle/working class American's. And (arguably, needlessly) on Iraq, and Vietnam, back to CIA engineered 50's coup in Iran, etc..

So regarding where Democrats devote any newly won political capital; Subsidizing renewable energy, okay. But, another like classic Washington head-fake of [over] promising to 'reverse' global warming? Again, after the moon landing program, yeah concievably in JFK's 2nd term (or a following RFK administration) a next BIG idea, i.e., meaningfully slowing of global-warming might have been a more attainable (verses now, tragically unrealistic) federal government policy objective.

Instead, facing serious/consequencial risk from climate-change, that science (and seemingly Hollywood too) confirms is happening here/now, a President HRC along with Democrats in Congress could/should focus on providing effective triage for human's (imagine current Syrian refugee crisis x100), and of course where practical, triage for endangered species, ocean habitats, etc.

FOOTNOTE: Triage here exampled by contrast between promising a messianic-style salavation for all (think Obama for prez' 2008) verses, in more practical terms, programs that provide meaningful relief to a larger segment of the population than (for example) TARP program beneficiaries, i.e., the ultra-wealthy/powerful/connected global elites.

BOTTOM LINE cautionary advice for HRC & Bernie: Yes, a l.ot of people may be desperate, but careful about OVER PROMISING, especially when Democrat's (working together) could, it seems, effect [legislative/regulatory] actions that make things better for their constituents.


Robindell's picture
Robindell 3 years 24 weeks ago

Your long post with technical-sounding mumbo-jumbo doesn't really explain or clarify anything or add anything new, because you are unclear as to what you are trying to say. This elistist and confusing approach helps to explain why there is not a strong progressive, left-wing, or whatever you want to call it movement in this country that can actually get something done. I happen to disagree with the idea of a carbon tax proposed as I understand it by Bernie Sanders, because this would financially hurt the working poor who often have to drive to work. It is not a progressive tax. Blaming the poor for a situation that they did not create is unfair. You would have to exempt people whose income fall below a certain level. The level of Bernie's proposed tax increases, while serving different purposes, seem as if they would hamper the economy even more than its current limitations and failings.

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