I've worked in orthopedic and sports therapy for 30 years. I've worked with many patients with frozen shoulder and seen the problems with the "Western" approach to this condition. In the past 12 years, I've studied Osteopathic manual therapies and Naturopathy. Now I understand how so many of the drastic procedures that patients undergo can be avoided. Because the orthopedists don't know anything else but drugs and surgery, other more effective, much less invasive techniques are not tried first. Although I practice in Portland, to justify my concern that you please pause from getting the injection, rather that inviting you to see me, I strongly recommend consulting with one of the best therapists in the region, Joe Keeney, PT. His office is just up the hill from you in Multnomah Village; 503-452-7767. This condition is the result of a trauma, either acute or chronic, but also has a metabolic, biochemical component to it. Since you seem to suffer from allergies and auto-immune issues, there is likely a global inflammatory process under all this with its origin in the digestive tract. So, seeing a Naturopath who can properly manage this digestive/inflammation problem, as well as the neuro-endo-immuno triad that is evidently out ot balance for you. Marlane Bassett, ND is one of the finest and is close to you on SE Milwaukie, between Powell and Holgate; 503-235-2120.

I've also left a voicemail on your comment line with my phone#. Please contact me if you've any questions!



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jhpress 7 years 23 weeks ago

As you have found from walking, some exercise can leave you pain free. Both tai chi and qigong (chi gung) exercises can help immensely, as they have thousands of others. Because frozen shoulder and the pain it causes travels to your arm, fingers, neck and other parts of your body, these slow exercises work on the nervous system to first relax the periphery pain and then the main pain and begin to free up the shoulder. It's as though the knots in your muscles, tendons and ligaments begin to unravel. In Multnomah County lives an absolutely wonderful body therapist and chi gung (qigong) specialist named Fred Gordon, and the easiest way to get hold of him is through his email: He's exceptionally qualified.

I teach both systems in Burns, Oregon and learned from exceptional teachers, including Fred, and share information from tens of thousands others who have learned them and have cured frozen shoulder, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, back and neck pain, locked up jaws, arthritis, etc. They won't cure your shoulder tomorrow; but you will find that in the long run, you'll get rid of it pretty permanently. In my classes here, I have a woman 65 year-old woman recovering form a stroke, and her doctor told her she also had frozen shoulder and gave her pain pills. But slowly the shoulder loosens up, and so does her ability to move her elbow and fingers, let her whole arm hang down and swing a little. And with it the decrease in the pain pills she has to take. Cordially, Diane Rapaport, certified chi gung and tai chi instructor.

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